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ENTD 321 Assignment 5 – Design Phase
This assignment is based on the IT Online Training Specification. In this assignment you will develop an application class diagram and the software architecture for the application. The software architecture is usually developed at the very beginning of design and is the guiding document for the design of the application. This will also be used later in your Project Part II document.
1. Review the IT Online Training Specification description and Project Part I Document Outline.
2. Develop an application class diagram that includes entity classes, user interface classes, boundary, and controller classes. Review the use cases to make certain that the application class diagram supports the use case functions. Include a discussion of your application class model.
2.1. Use your CASE tool to create the application class diagram. Add text that includes your name and course number directly on the diagram.
3. Develop a System Architecture for your IT Online Training application. Use some of the Microsoft suggest techniques or the web application techniques and present your architecture. Use the 4+1 approach with the UML diagrams. We won’t have detailed class diagrams yet but you can get a good start on the architecture.You already have developed the class diagrams and use case diagrams that you can use and modify as necessary. Include a discussion of your architecture how it meets the needs of your application. Use the following article from your readings to help determine the appropriate UML diagrams to use: FCGSS. (2007). Applying 4+1 View Architecture with UML 2. Retrieved March 20, 2013 from See the following for a sample architecture: Course Registration System: Software Architecture Document Version 1.0. Retrieved from
3.1. Use your CASE tool to create the System Architecture models. Add text that includes your name and course number directly on the diagram.
4. Submit a Word document with the following content:
4.1. Place your name and course number at the top of the document.
4.2. Application class model and discussion with screenshots of the diagram.
4.3. System Architecture and discussion with screenshots of the diagrams.
5. When you submit your Word file, use your name as part of the file name, e.g., ENTD321Assignment5_FirstNameLastName


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