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Advertising Critique

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Advertising critique in print media

Question 1

The ad that did not work, in my opinion, was released by Strong4Life. This is a movement created by Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta to help busy parents raise their children (“Strong4Life from Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta”, 2017). The ad was released in 2012, in print media such as magazines. The movement was largely focused on fighting the prevalence of child obesity in the US State of Georgia.

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Question 2:

  • This ad was published on the movement’s web site to focus on the residents of Georgia who were its target audience (“Georgia Anti-Obesity Ads Say “Stop Sugarcoating” Childhood Obesity”).
  • Communication objectives in this campaign included a call to act in order to stop child obesity and to create awareness on the dangers associated with the condition. The ad intended to aggressively sensitize the public about obesity.
  • The ad uses fear and shaming as its communication strategy. It targeted parents who seemed to have ignored or tolerated child obesity. The ad resultantly caused a lot of controversy in the media. (“Georgia Anti-Obesity Ads Say “Stop Sugarcoating” Childhood Obesity”).
  • The ad’s positioning statement is “It’s hard to be a little girl when you’re not” with the keyword “WARNING”. These are combined to both warn and shock the audience into action while also causing controversy so that they can stop overlooking the looming problem of child obesity.
  • This ad uses public relations as a tactic to create controversy in order to alert the residents of Georgia to the problem of child obesity.
  • The ad employs direct marketing as its communication mix to specifically reach parents with obese children in Georgia.
  • The ad uses a bold approach where it highlights the exact problem and shames the society into taking action by causing controversy.
  • The ad, on evaluation seems to have alerted and sensitized people on the problem of obesity though it may be said that this was achieved in an unnecessarily aggressive manner.

Question 3:

The ad created controversy. The general public was appalled by the ad then in protest they got to know of the seriousness of obesity. Although it bruised public relations, the media frenzy generated made the message spread faster and further. However, I do not think it succeeded as its key message did not resonate well with the public.





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