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Advertising Critique

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Advertising critique in print media

Question 1

The ad that I think worked well is Oscar Mayer Natural, which is a group of select products that have no artificial ingredients (“Check out these fresh ideas from OSCAR MAYER”, 2017). The

advertisement was placed in Entertainment Weekly Magazine on the 22nd of April 2016 on page 43.



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Question 2

  • The target audience of this ad was Entertainment Weekly readers who are predominantly middle-aged women ranging from 35 to 55 years (“Entertainment Weekly Secondary Audience Research”).
  • This ad’s communication objectives were to create awareness on their wholesome and natural product as well as to provide knowledge to their consumers.
  • The overall communication strategy used in this ad was humor whereby they have been able to deliver the message of a healthier product line without stating the obvious benefits.
  • This ad has the positioning statement being “Some things are full of hormones. We’re not” with the keyword being “hormones”. This pushes its message forward about the fully natural product lacking chemical additives which differentiates their product thus making it a healthier food choice.
  • The communication tactic employed is the use of educational content in a humorous way to indirectly show its customers the value of the product.
  • The communication mix evident in this ad is personal selling in order to build customer relations in favour of its new natural product.
  • Creative execution in the ad is use of humor to deliver its message by contrasting the depicted situation to their product.
  • On evaluation, this ad has succeeded in informing the target audience about the natural product line in a funny, relatable and effective way

Question 3                                                                            

The ad got its educative message across to the target audience. The value of natural hormone-free foods is relayed in a subtle way intending to change the consumer’s decisions when it comes to their food purchases. The ad achieved its intended goal. Applying a humorous communication tactic to healthy living products is likely to improve message reception among the target audience, hence the ad’s success.






“Entertainment Weekly Secondary Audience Research”. alicepictonmarcha2media. N.p., 2017. Web. 20 Jan. 2017.


Check out these fresh ideas from OSCAR MAYER. (2017). Retrieved 20 January 2017, from















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