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Please focus on the red letters.

I chose ‘General Motors’ for the topic.

-I need 3-4 pages for the final paper. To prepare for the paper, I need to find 9 more research posts with at least sentence summary. Please consider these 9 research posts as the number of sources (references).


Thank you.


Consultant Report to a Business and Its Workers, Circa 1976

 (First Research Posts due on Blackboard discussion board, November 19)

(Nine other Research Posts due on BB discussion board, December 3)

 (Final Report of 3-4 pp. due as half of your take-home final, on December 3)        


As we’ve been learning through the course, the wealth that most Americans earn and enjoy comes from those private businesses where they work.  Yet the wealth generated by a given business can vary greatly over time, depending on the industry, larger economy, and era, as well as the decisions made within the firm.  This assignment will give you a chance to explore the actual past a given firm at a moment in the 1970s, and its passage through the late twentieth century.   The firm you choose should be one of those that will form the basis for our final our stock market game, several of which we will cover in the last couple of weeks of the course.  Whatever firm you choose,  your assignment is to figure out what it and its industry were like in 1976, as well as what changing circumstances they faced over succeeding decades.


Imagine that you are somehow sent back in a time machine to serve as a consultant to a particular business and its workers around 1976.  Realizing that you have seen their future, they will undoubtedly be desperate to hire your advice.  Unlike most such consultants, you have the advantage of  knowing, or being able to find out, what happened to this business over the next three decades.  Your report is to survey the state of this business, its industry, and its workers in the 1970’s, and then to provide them with advice about how they may best prepare for the next three decades of economic change.  You should prepare at least three types of advice:

  1. for company leadership
  2. for its middle level employees
  3. for its lower/lowest level employees

What, in the wisdom provided by retrospect, should each of them do now, and plan to do over the coming years?


Stages of this assignment:

  1. First stage is to conduct some required research for your report (10 of 100). Everyone should search the New York Times Historical and other database, to find at least five full-text articles that shed light on one of the following firms, its workers, and/or its general industry.
    1. Industries and companies
      1. Auto: General Motors and Chrysler
      2. Stores: Kmart, Walmart, Macy’s
  • Computer: IBM, Microsoft, Apple
  1. Steel and Aluminum: US Steel, Alcoa
  2. Oil and Petrochemicals: Exxon/Standard Oil, Dupont
  3. Transport: Union Pacific, Delta Airlines, Fedex
  1. Each article must be at least three paragraphs, and
  2. You must have at least two from around 1976 (give or take a couple of years) and at least three from more recent periods (1990’s-2000’s).
  3. Every article should be posted on the class-wide discussion board, under a thread entitled with the name of your company. Please post all your own articles dealing with a single company or its industry under this same three, labeling each by the year in which the report occurred.
  4. Every posted article must include at least sentence of summary by yourself FOR FULL CREDIT.
  5. First posted articles for this requirement due to be up by November 19, rest by December 3.
  1. Our second stage of this assignment is the same as with your first paper: to prepare a paragraph proposal, in this case, of what company you want to write about. On Dec. 3th, please bring a copy to class and also post on a special class discussion board (5 of 100 points).
  2. Third stage is to write up your reports, in a paper of 3-4 pages. This will be due [along with an additional take-home final essay], on December 3.  You will need to turn in a computer file to Safeassign, as well as a hard copy to me.  Please under my office door or in a special box outside S. Grumet’s office.

Citations: please use footnotes or endnotes for any quotes you use in this paper.  Please use the Chicago Manual of Style citation system.  Here are examples:

For a book:                                1. Wendy Doniger, Splitting the Difference (Chicago: University of Chicago Press, 1999), 65.

For a newspaper article:         10. William S. Niederkorn, “A Scholar Recants on His ‘Shakespeare’ Discovery,” New York Times, June 20, 2002, Arts section, Midwest edition.

Further citation guidelines:

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