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GRO 338 (Mental Well-Being and Aging) Depression in the Elderly
Depression in the Elderly
Depression is a common problem in today’s society. Many elderly people are affected by this disorder. It tends to last longer in elderly adults and can increase the risk of death. Depression is the most serious of the psychological problems that are faced by older adults. Depression in older adults is sometimes under-diagnosed and under-treated. According to Alpert (2014), “Depression also affects older adults differently than those who are younger”. However, understanding will increase the ability to help alleviate the suffering of older adults with depression and help them to distinguish between reality-based worries from distorted thinking.
Assessment of Depression in the Elderly
Assessing depression in the elderly can be a very tedious task. According to Holyrod & Clayton, M.D. (2000), “Assessing depression in the elderly is acknowledged to be difficult because depression may have typical presentations in elderly individuals.” Many elderly people have to go through different assessments to determine what kind of treatment that they will have to take for their form of depression


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