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The Art of Possibility





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The Art of Possibility

The Zanders’ Art of Possibility is a collection of narratives focused on extending the reader’s perspectives beyond the notions of scarcity and limitation in life. The book builds on the authors’ past experiences as the conductor of The Boston Philharmonic Orchestra, painter a family therapist and executive coach. This essay will critically explore the Zanders’ work and offer an assessment of the publication’s arguments, successes and failures.

The authors’ offer a variety of key arguments, with varying success. Firstly, they offer an exposition of dilemmas and the human mind. They argue that challenges are imagined, and expansion of mental possibilities is bound to bring forth opportunities. This leads to the Zanders’ second position: imagining that no limitations exist. In this context, they argue against the world of measurement and scarcity, and instead propose participation in enjoyable activity.

The authors suggest advance grading as a means of evading the confines of measurement and scarcity. They believe that this is the right transformation from expectation, to a world of possibilities. And in that respect, the authors suggest an expansion of the leadership concept. In line with possibility, the Zanders suggest that one can lead, regardless of position or title. Finally, the authors encourage bold thought, and a shift to inclusivity in thinking.

The Art of Possibility features a powerful message and compelling arguments against life’s traditional metrics of success. It argues for a bold, and open-minded approach to life as a student, worker or any other state of being. However, the book’s arguments are let down by its focus on the author’s experience in the Orchestra.  Some readers may feel alienated, as application of concepts such as ‘Giving an A’ may be inapplicable in certain concepts. Overall, the book offers a powerful strategy and philosophy towards improving our lives.

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