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Buy Custom Written General Motors Company Analysis

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-Please answer each question in a separate essay. Your answers should be typed and double-spaced.  Your entire exam should add up to 5 or 6 pages.

  1. Everyone must answer for exam credit: 

“Consultant’s Report for Company, 1975,” (3 pp.)(60 points)

-I will upload for more information about this essay.


  1. Everyone must answer for exam credit: (2 ½ pp.) (40 points)

“The Great Divergence: What Caused It”

-this essay refers to the instruction following:


Over the middle of the twentieth century, the distribution of wealth and income in America underwent a “Great Divergence.” Why?  Write an essay that starts by explaining what exactly was “diverging” and that goes in, in the body of the paper, to examine its causes.


As with any good historical answer to such a “big” question, you should examine many different factors.  Be sure to offer several reasons, touching upon the several realms of American society and economy that contributed: in financial history, in the intertwined histories of work, income, and unions; in the history of government’s role in the economy.  In this part of your paper, really the heart of your essay, be sure to use historical details and examples to flesh out your points.


I’ll leave you to draw your own conclusion, though you should have one.  You might, for instance, reflect more generally on what the history we have studied suggests about how this “divergence” period might come to an end, or be turned around.


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