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GM 500 Unit 6 Assignment 1: Leveraging Human Potential
The purpose of this writing Assignment is to assess the situation and describe specific organizational
initiatives that you would advance in order to appreciate diversity and to leverage human potential.
Additionally, to evaluate and strengthen your skills to understand competitiveness and collaboration in a
global economy.
Before writing this paper, gather relevant information from appropriate reading resources. In Chapter 13
of the Daft textbook you will find many relevant ideas, concepts, initiatives, and programs that will add
value to your Unit 6 paper. For this assignment, select either “Sunset Prayers” on page 445 or “True to
Myself” on page 446. These cases describe real-world situations in dealing with diversity. You should
find at least two other journal articles from the Kaplan Library to support your discussion in the paper.
Review the grading rubric for this Assignment before you begin writing your paper. Construct and write
your paper with sub headings that connect to the key components of the rubric.
Title this paper – “Creating Organizational Initiatives to Appreciate Diversity and Leverage Human
Sub Headings
• Introduction
• Analysis
• Integration
• Conclusion
Reference Page
Directions for Submitting Your Assignment
Before you submit your Assignment, you should save your work on your computer in a location and
with a name that you will remember. Make sure your project is in the appropriate format (Word, Excel,
PowerPoint, or other), then, when you are ready, you may submit to the unit Assignment 1 Dropbox.
Areas to be evaluated
Title Page
-What is the objective or purpose of the paper?
-What do you intend to learn?
-On the basis of your reading “Sunset Prayers” or “True to Myself” review
and evaluate the real-world situation addressing human diversity.
-Describe specific organizational initiatives that could be implemented to
understand competitiveness and collaboration in a global economy
-Identify elements of prejudice, discrimination, and stereotypes that need
to be addressed.


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