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By September 30, 2017Academic Papers
FIN 467 Entire Course ( Real Estate investment ) Complete Course
FIN 467 Week 1 dqs
“What comes first in a neighborhood: residential or commercial development?   Why?”
“Assume that a shopping center opens in your neighborhood.  What do you think might happen to the existing shopping centers?”
Will tenants move out?   How might that affect vacancy and rents?”
2) “How is multi-family, or apartments, different than single family residential as a real estate investment?”
Why is a restaurant different than a retail center as a real estate investment?”
FIN 467 Week 1 Internet Article Review
FIN 467 Week 2 dqs
1)      “Why would it be dangerous for a developer to develop a new property without a feasibility study?”
“When should a developer start planning for its next project? What factors should be considered?”
“Should developers or communities pay for new infrastructure?”
2)      “How do developers balance the desire to make a return and the risk involved in the time it takes to develop a new project?” “How do population changes affect decisions for property investment? What factors are considered in estimating demand for a new fast food restaurant?”
FIN 467 Week 2 Problem Set
FIN 467 Week 2 Property Selection Report
FIN 467 Week 2 Property Selection summary ( doc )
FIN 467 Week 3 dqs
1)      Should the cost of a building be the most important factor in determining its value?
“Is an office building a riskier investment than an apartment project? Why?”
2)      Why would an appraiser and a real estate investor disagree on the value of an investor’s project? How do local economic conditions affect an appraiser’s valuation of the property?   Might these conditions have a different effect over a long period of time? Explain your answer
FIN 467 Week 3 Investing in Real Estate Simulation
FIN 467 Week 3 Single GÇô Family Appraisal Powerpoint
FIN 467 Week 4 dqs
1)      When would a long-term lease be better than a short-term lease? When would it be worse? Explain your answers.”
How do ground or land leases differ from commercial leases?”
What duties would you expect a management company to perform for you as a real estate investor?”
1)      Have you ever obtained a mortgage? What concerns did you have about obtaining a mortgage? How would a lender protect itself when a borrower stops making payments on a loan?” When is an adjustable rate mortgage (ARM) preferable to a fixed rate mortgage? Explain your answer
FIN 467 Week 4 Mortgage Rate Powerpoint
FIN 467 Week 4 Problem Set
FIN 467 Week 5 dqs
1)      Is a broker’s fee fixed or negotiated? Explain your answer. What are the risks of a broker representing both a buyer and a seller for the same property? What role does sales commission play in the valuation of a real estate investment?
1)      Does a seller have an obligation to reveal defects in the property? Why or why not?  How might a broker be confronted with civil rights and discrimination issues?


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