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Hypothesis: H1

  • Statistical Descriptive Analysis

Availability of Social Media Staff Position

Analysis was conducted in line with the first research hypothesis, which sought to investigate whether Jordanian NPOs are actually increasingly adopting social media technologies and strategies as a core part of their public relations activities. An overview of the preliminary descriptive analysis (Table 1) reveals that about 20% of NPOs in Jordan have already considered creating a staff position, which specifically handles social media issues. Although this seems low, it gives a good sign of willingness to adopt the technology.

Availability of Social Media Staff Position
Frequency Percent (%) Valid Percent
Valid Yes 27.0 20.1 20.1
No 107.0 79.9 79.9
Total 134.0 100.0 100.0


Social Media Adoption and Implementation

This research sought to explore the adoption and implementation of social media tools. The analysis implies that although most NPOs have not created social media staff position, about 64.2% confirmed having either fully or partly adopted social media technology in their processes. This positively indicates social media’s growing role, and the remaining 35.8% (rounded as 36%) are likely to adopt these platforms in future.


Chart 1 below highlights this.

In addition, about 69.4% reported that they have been in interaction with the technology between 0 – 3 years now. This highlights that the NPOs are actually in the process of embracing social media technology and that the concept is still new to their operations.

Chart 2 below demonstrates a distribution of how long various Jordanian NPOs have implemented social media technologies to their operations.


Analysis of Correlation between Key Social Media Adoption Variables

In order to better understand the relationship between fundamental variables that continuously bring about appreciation of social media adoption technology, it was imperative to conduct correlation analysis so as to ascertain any relevant systematic relationship between their values. In this regard, we measured the relationship between the levels of social media adoption variable against the mean responses for internal advantageous factors affecting social media usage, which was majorly perceived to be the advantages emanating from social media adoption. From table 2 below, a two-tailed Pearson Correlation analysis produced a probability value of 0.02. Given that the analysis was done at 5% level of precision, we compared this value to α = 0.05. Since the p-value 0.02 is less than 0.05, we conclude that in deed there is a positive linear correlation between the two variables outlined.

The significance of the conclusion, in this research hypothesis, further assisted in illustrating the fact that those organizations, which have already adopted social media technology as a means of transacting official business, are most likely enjoying the benefits that come with its adoption. For instance, social media has enabled public relations practitioners to accomplish tasks quickly; improved their quality of work; eased their work; enhanced their job effectiveness; and also improved the overall company productivity. Based on the above facts, the analysis has proved that Jordanian NPOs are actually increasingly adopting social media technologies and strategies as a core part of their public relations activities.

Table 2

Internal Facts Level of Adoption
Internal Factors Pearson Correlation 1 0.20
Sig. (2-tailed) 0.02
N 134 134
Level of Adoption Pearson Correlation 0.20 1
Sig. (2-tailed) 0.02
N 134 134
*. Correlation is significant at the 0.05 level (2-tailed).













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