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Rutgers University Scholarship Essay

My name is (YOUR NAME HERE). I was a student at XYZ School, where I attained a GPE of 2270. I hope to study Engineering and Construction at your school. This paper will serve as a demonstration of who I am, and why I believe that Rutgers is a good fit for me. I believe that education does not solely include learning. It also requires contributions on the learner’s part. In that respect, this essay shall also outline what I hope to bring to the school.

My interest in the Engineering course has been shaped by several life events and experiences. Firstly, my family constitutes a line of engineers. In Dundee, my hometown, various members have participated in the town’s works over the past century. This began with my great grandfather, who lay the path for us. My father’s job played a critical role in my early life. I would see him drawing plans for bridges. As he made models, he invited me to touch them, and contribute my ideas, however farfetched. I believe that we made a great team, right from my childhood. When 5, I received what I consider the best gift that could be granted to me. That was a box of Lego bricks. With the blocks, I developed a passion for creating structures. I enjoyed making long bridges and high towers that would not collapse under their weight. These engineering challenges served as a source of intellectual fulfillment in my childhood. The feeling of making a contribution towards a towering monument is what has driven me over the past years. Initially, I started with 3 foot Lego blocks. I expanded to 7 foot blocks. As an adult, I believe I should play a part in structures that are of greater magnitude than my earlier projects. By gaining admission to Rutgers, I will be able to fulfill this childhood desire that has driven me over the years.

My ultimate academic goal is to obtain a Master’s degree in the field of Construction and Engineering. I believe that I will face numerous challenges before I can achieve that. I have worked hard for most of my life since I discovered my affinity for engineering. I am looking to maintain the same hard work in my academic duties, in the efforts of achieving my objectives. By taking part in the course, I wish to understand the solutions to various challenges that may be experienced in advanced works. This academic goal is also a representation of the intellectual hunger that I have experienced. In the past, I was only able to tinker with engineering challenges centered on the Lego bricks. The program will grant me the opportunity to satisfy this hunger, by accessing related academic knowledge.

My ultimate career goal is to manage my own construction company. This desire has been cultivated through my family’s heritage. In the past, we owned a construction firm. However, the decline in home ownership, alongside accrued debt, brought an end to my hopes of managing it. In order to achieve these goals, I need to gain the best learning experiences that I can access. In that respect, I believe that Rutgers presents the way forward for me. It is one of the top schools in the nation, in my chosen academic field. From different sources, the school has some of the best professors in the country. By working alongside them, I will be able to obtain the academic insights that I desire. It has excellent facilities that will prepare me for active work in the engineering and construction field.

From different life experiences, I have managed to gain my set of values and skills. During my high school years, I participated in the world language honors society. This is a society that serves to recognize students who have excelled in the academic study of their chosen language. In my case, the chosen language was French. In the past, I have been a member of the school marching band for about 4 years. In my role as a bass drummer, I developed patience and coordination skills. Similarly, I exhibit good communication and management skills. I believe that this was inculcated by my father, as we went to see his work whenever time was available. My family has many relations outside the country. Due to that, I have lived across different countries. When I was young, I was sent out to live in France with my godfather. This experience allowed me to gain familiarity with other cultures. Similarly, I have learnt to maintain respect for people from societies that contrast the norms in mine. I believe that this set of values will be critical towards my potential stay at Rutgers. From different sources, I have gained information that the institution is perhaps the most multicultural in the United States. In my understanding, my values and skills present a good fit for the school and its community.

Rutgers is ranked as one of the top schools within the country (Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey). This has been attributed by many to its lineup of great academic staff. However, I believe that the school is where it is thanks to its community. I wish to participate and contribute to the school’s greatness by being a member of the university. I hope to contribute hard work whenever called upon by the institution. Similarly, I hope to participate in various school programs, such as the marching band. This will allow me to leave a mark in the school, when the time comes. Thank you for your time in reading this. I look forward to hearing from you.










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