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FIN 410 ( Working Capital Management ) Entire Course

Cash Management Techniques

  • Evaluate the relationship between risk and rate of return.
  • Prepare a cash budget.
  • Explain the techniques of expediting collections and slowing down disbursements.

Trends In Working Capital Management

  • Predict future trends in working capital management.

Accounts Receivable and Inventory Management

  • Analyze the cash flow cycle.
  • Explain accounts receivable management.
  • Compare the costs and benefits of holding inventory.

Working Capital and Financial Forecasting

  • Forecast future cash flow.
  • Explain the optimal level of working capital.
  • Apply the percentage of sales method to pro forma statements.

Short-term Financing

  • Explain the matching approach in working capital financing.
  • Determine methods for obtaining short-term financing and stretching accounts payable.
  • Compare aggressive, moderate and conservative working capital policy.

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