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By September 30, 2017Academic Papers
HCP 220 Week 5 Checkpoint Prescription and Drug Labels
Prescriptions are similar to medical orders containing vital information for the care of patients. Pharmacy technicians must understand how to read, transcribe, profile, and fill prescriptions. This CheckPoint provides an opportunity to practice analyzing prescription and drug labels.
Resource: Ch. 7 of Pharmaceutical Calculations for Pharmacy Technicians: A Worktext and Appendix B
Referto the illustration of the prescription label in Appendix B and the drug label for Allegra® on p. 56.
Answerthe following questions:
  1. In what ways are the labels similar?
  2. In what ways are they different?
  3. What accounts for the difference in information between the two labels?
Post your answers as an attachment along with a signed copy of the Certificate of Originality under the Assignment link.


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