Group Assignment on HRM in Business Research Report

By April 10, 2018Academic Papers

Group Assignment on HRM in Business Research Report Due Date: by 11:59pm on April 19, 2018.

Electronic submissions must be uploaded to Blackboard. No hard copies will be accepted.

This group assignment is worth 25% of your overall grade in HRM2000. The research report must be completed by all members as a group, is worth 20%; while an individual reflection paper is worth 5%. The professor has assigned you to a group of 4 for this report. You will find the group on Blackboard under “Groups”.

Research Paper Assignment Description

The purpose of this assignment is to work together as a group to learn more about a specific and current HRM issue that is affecting the workplace. You will describe and explain the issue. You will also discuss the scope, cause and impact of the issue on businesses.

You will deepen your understanding of the topic by conducting library research, using Humber’s extensive online catalogue of academic journals. Each member of the group must find at least 2 academic journals articles on the topic that you will use in your final report.

Topic: Select a current issue/trend in Human Resource Management using the industry magazines and newspapers brought to class.

Key Assignment Criteria and Parameters

  • Word Count = Minimum 2000 words to Maximum 2500 words

  • Font Size: 12 Font Style: Times New Roman

Research: You should conduct your academic library research on your chosen topic the Humber Library resources. A minimum of 8 (2 articles per member) academic journal articles should be used; 80% must be from 2008 or later (eg. not older than 10 years). You may also use your textbook as an additional resource. (Note that newspapers and Wikipedia are not legitimate sources.) Narrow the focus of your topic as much as possible.

  • You must properly cite and reference your work consistently using one recognized citation/referencing format. APA is preferred.

  • Not sure what to do? Check out these amazing Humber Library APA tutorials:

  • Your work should be well organized (e.g. introduction, appropriate subheadings, conclusions, recommendations), with no spelling or grammar errors, flow smoothly, and be easy to read/follow.

Research Paper (worth 20%)
Your research paper must include the following:
Part One – Topic Intro/Summary

Identify the topic/issue you have chosen to address and provide a summary that clearly explains what it is.

o What is the problem? Why is this relevant and important? What should managers and HRM staff care about this topic?

Part Two – Relevance to Business

Explain the relevance of your chosen issue to today’s business environment. Consider and discuss the following:

o Scope: Does this issue affect a specific industry or all industries? Make sure you indicate the scope of impact in your paper.

o Cause: What is causing the issue? Is it due to changes in employment laws, business cycles/trends, economic conditions, demographic trends, labour market trends, technology changes, etc.?

o Impact: How will this issue affect a business’s ability to achieve its goals and objectives?

Part Three – Analysis and Recommendations

  • Discuss and analyze the implications of this issue to managing human resources.
    o How does this issue affect the people or employees working in a company?

  • Explain the factors that HR and the organization need to consider to address the issue.

  • Create clear recommendations that an organization should put into place so that it

    successfully deals with the issue.
    o Your recommendations need to include descriptions of the Human Resource

    policies, practices and processes that you would propose to address your chosen issue/trend within a company/organization.

o Include an assessment of the impacts your recommendations would have on employees, managers and HRM staff.

IMPORTANT TIP: Integrate the findings from your research throughout each section of the report. Think about weaving (and properly citing!) what you have learned about the topic through your research like threads in a tapestry.

Individual Reflection (5%): Please complete the individual reflection by April 19 at 11:59pm. More details will be posted on Blackboard under Assignments.



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