Individual Assignment Part B Instructions

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Individual Assignment Part B Instructions

Based on your audit in Part A, propose the digital marketing plan for the brand you have chosen. Below is the suggested structure. This is very similar to your group assignment. If you have chosen a good brand to audit, you may suggest different angles for their current platform. If the angle is new, then the complete new proposal is needed.

1. Executive summary: here you would briefly summarize the main points in your audit document, outline what can be improved or done differently.

2. Digital Marketing Plan Proposal

Block 1: platform description

Narrative. What’s the current narrative if any? How can you build on that? What changes do you propose?

Physical form: what can you do to improve the current channels? Do you propose additional channels? Why?

Block 2: audience.

Audience profiles. You would have done this in Part A. If not, you can do it here. This is done based on an external perspective using Facebook audience insights.

Focus on their interests, compared and contrast that with those reflected on the company’s existing platform and that of the brand’s competitors. Screen shot all profiles with interests and size highlighted.

Block 3: acquisition.

Based on the audiences above, propose acquisition campaign(s) using similar procedures used in your group assignment. You don’t have to create FB pages and website. However, you will need to discuss them in detailed. If providing visual examples (pictures) of your ad campaign is easier for you than writing the description, then provide screen shots of your ads.

Block 4: retention

Repeat steps in acquisition campaigns above but for retention purposes.

Block 5: customer portfolio, life time value and action plan

Projection of financial and action plans for all campaigns above. Have they covered all touch points? How will this business run in a year? 3 years? How can the platform be sustainable? Provide tables, charts, diagram as much as you like.

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