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Digital Film and Production (DFP)


Introduction to Cinema: History & Aesthetics 

4 credits 

This course covers multiple eras and movements throughout the age of film. 


Digital Video Production I 

4 credits 

This course introduces students to the technical and aesthetic aspects of small format digital production as well as the basic principles of motion picture production. Students learn the language of film/digital video and how its manipulation can express one’s individual message or purpose. 


Film Financing, Budgeting and Distribution 

4 credits 

This course is an intense overview of the entire process beyond the creation of a production. Students review film financing, contracting, budgeting, insurance, etc. 


Acting for the Camera 

4 credits 

This introductory course helps digital film production students to develop skills and gain experience in acting and directing for the camera. Students participate on both sides of the camera. Course sessions include lecture, practical exercises, and preparation for analyzing and blocking a scene and working on a set. Students screen selected film clips to evaluate performances, explore methods to prepare for an audition, discuss the actor/director relationship, and examine the professional requirements of relating to a crew. 


Screenwriting I 

4 credits 

Students in this writing intensive course learn storytelling for the screen through a managed regimen of in-class and out-of-class experiences that emphasize the essential mix of imagination and craft in writing. They hone their skills in observation, communication, and visualization, and receive instruction on structure for screenwriting and how to employ written language to articulate dramatic and visual expression. 




4 credits 

This course is an intensive exploration of the craft, technologies, and aesthetic principles of cinematography, lighting, and set design techniques. Lectures and in-class demonstrations cover video formats, cameras, exposure, lenses and optics, lighting units, lighting placement, lighting control, camera support, and camera movement. 


Nonlinear Editing 

4 credits 

This course follows the general chronology of editing from capture and logging, through editing and effects, to final output of a finished program. The first half of the course is devoted entirely to a mastery of the editing software. The second half of the course is devoted to examining how and why editing is important. Different editing theories are explored, including montage, fast cut, long take, jump cut, and others. 


Audio Production and Design 

4 credits 

This course is an interactive exploration and implementation of audio production for cinema, including multimodal and theoretical approaches. 


Writing the Genre Film 

4 credits 

Understanding genre conventions and tropes is critical to a screenwriter’s success. This course combines script analysis with the practice of writing short scripts for a variety of genres. Prerequisite: DFP-221. 


Writing the Character-Centered Screenplay 

4 credits 

One of the greatest challenges for screenwriters is to create dynamic, believable characters. In this course, students will reflect on the role of character and the relationship between strong characters and a strong screenplay. Prerequisite: DFP-221. 


Film Production Management 

4 credits 

In this writing-intensive course, students will learn how to take a project from development into pre-production and then, how to effectively market and distribute the project. Although students will not be filming the project, students will utilize their production knowledge in building realistic schedules and budgets for their projects. Prerequisites: DFP-111 and DFP-221. 


Cinema Directing 

4 credits 

This course utilizes techniques of directing, sound editing, lighting, and advanced editing programs. Several practical and written exercises lead to a short digital production. Students spend time working with actors in front of the camera as well as composing shots to convey a story visually. Prerequisites: DFP-111 and DFP-221. 


Visual Storytelling 

4 credits 

This course focuses on the elements that make up almost all storytelling. Students are encouraged to discover and develop their unique voices as writers and storytellers, while understanding the critical importance of working as part of a creative team. This course emphasizes the use of traditional storytelling, classic mythology, and the ways in which these devices apply to contemporary media. 





Writing Meaningful Dialogue 

4 credits 

Poorly written dialogue can remove a character’s authenticity and diminish the audience’s suspension of disbelief. This course explores what constitutes great dialogue and delves into techniques that allow writers to incorporate powerful subtext, craft honest and emotionally impactful dialogue, and integrate exposition seamlessly. Prerequisite: DFP-235. 


Development and Production of TV Commercials 

4 credits 

In this course, students learn the entire process of creating television and Internet commercials. Students learn the skills of writing copy, developing ideas, researching the marketplace, working with client needs, pitching, and production of television commercials. 


Audio Production for Cinema and Television 

4 credits 

This course introduces basic audio production skills and encourages students to face the challenges of audio production within the film and television industry. Students will learn how to capture clear sound as well as how to manipulate sound during the post-production stage. Prerequisite: DFP-111. 


Music Video/Documentary Production 

4 credits 

This course is a survey of music video and documentary productions. Students study, analyze, and implement techniques in both types of productions. Prerequisite: DFP-111. 


Creating Authentic Cinematic Conflict 

4 credits 

Maintaining interest while the story unfolds is an important task for the screenwriter. This course delves deeply into screenplay structure, analyzing dramatic strategies employed by successful screenwriters. Students will engage in various stages of the screenwriting process. Prerequisite: DFP-221. 


Digital Production II 

4 credits 

This course exposes students to every aspect of media production. Students also learn how to work well in a team environment and to adhere to deadlines, time constraints, and medium limitations. Prerequisite: DFP-111. 


Advanced Digital Post-Production 

4 credits 

This class is about developing students’ understanding of the art of cinematic storytelling and montage and exposing them to the cueing, performing, and editing of Foley and Automated Dialogue Replacement. Students work on more advanced projects is integrated into the class as a means of mastering advanced editing tools and techniques. Prerequisites: DFP-225 and DFP-351, or DFP-227. 


Screenwriting II 

4 credits 

Students in this writing intensive course study, analyze, and implement advanced techniques in creating cinema screenplays. This course emphasizes the use of traditional storytelling and classic mythology, and how these devices apply to contemporary screenplays. Prerequisite: DFP-221. 



Creating the Dramatic Television Series 

4 credits 

In this course, students will learn the entire process of creating a dramatic television series. Students learn the skills of developing ideas, researching the marketplace, creating character bios, writing pilots, and pitching. Prerequisite: DFP-221. 


Adapting Media to Screenplays 

4 credits 

Students learn to adapt various forms of media to screenplays. Prerequisite: DFP-221. 


Screenwriting Capstone 

4 credits 

Students participate in individually writing a full-length feature film. They also explore all aspects of structure, character, settings, theme, obstacle, and expressive writing storytelling. Prerequisites: DFP-457 and DFP-463. 


Digital Production Practicum 

4 credits 

This practicum allows students to apply digital production principles. The course focuses on the process and completion of a short digital film. Prerequisite: DFP-451. 





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