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Public Relations and Networking Skills 

4 credits 

This course is designed to build effective communication and networking skills so that students can leverage contacts and relationships to create business opportunities. The importance of building a professional and trustworthy business reputation is also addressed. 


New Venture Financing 

4 credits 

This course examines the growth of the venture capital market and provides students with an understanding of the advantages and risks associated with venture capital financing. Both start-up and growth needs are explored. The course focuses on the more practical aspects of structuring transactions that add value for the firm, owners, and financial backers. 


Intrapreneurship and Innovation 

4 credits 

This course examines the importance of creating innovative work environments in small-, medium-, and large-scale organizations in order to ensure the long-term competitiveness of the firm. Innovation is explored from the perspectives of product development, internal process improvements, and strategic shifts. Students have the opportunity to participate in an experiential innovation project. Also AMP-435. 


Business Planning for Entrepreneurs 

4 credits 

This course explores the development of business plans; the preparation of financial packages; and the evaluation of opportunities, risks, and problems associated with business development. The course will culminate with the preparation of a comprehensive business plan for a new venture. 



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