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Full outline

The Marriage of Food and Science: Promises and Problems

Topic: Why do you believe Americans are quicker to express concern for the welfare of animals on factory farms than they are to express concern for the human workers on these farms?

I need a full paragraph of Introduction and Conclusion.

Sources: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7X6gl8xiEXY  ( “Food Inc” Documentary)

Killing Rabbits       (poem)

On Sunday after breakfast   When are is halfway to ice and  Thin flutes of mice squeak in the chimney    On Sunday after breakfast  To walk on virgin snow to the hutches

For the pink rite to remove your gloves   To stick them on the picket fence

Like freshly severed palms   And to blow smoke through wire net door

Then to insert a searching hand  And speak sweet words through smoke-stained teeth

Cajolery fine words  To pity a bit    To grab the skin firmly

And to lift it from the cozy staw   On Sunday after breakfast

To sniff ammonia   With your left hand to hold the head down

Watch the ears turn purplish   Tenderly to stroke the nape

Blow on it     And suddenly with the right to strike the nape

Once more to feel on your hand the pushing off

For the unrealized leap    to feel a heaviness in your hand   Sweetness

To hear rabbit heaven open    And big clumps of fur falling down

Viennese blue  Belgian giant  French baran  Bohemian skewbald dappled

But even the mongrel with all kins of blood  Each dies as fast as the next

And without a word

On Monday to have rings under your eyes silent on Tuesday to consider the lot of the world

On Wednesday and Thursday to invent the steam engine and discover stars

On Friday to think of other but mainly blue eyes

All week to pity orphans and admire flowers

On Saturday to scrub yourself pink

And fall asleep on her lips

On Sunday after breakfast

To lill rabbits.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jcs1IEQzMT8  ( Lab meet)

Find one by your own

Total 4 sources will be in the work cited list



The goal for this one is to write an extensive outline. In the outline, please organize the argument, and use evidence from the sources that i have given ablow to substantiate an overall estimation about the marriage of food and science–as a pair, are food and science promising or problematic? Perhaps a combination of both? If you’re arguing that the marriage is partially positive, and partially negative, you’ll need to strike a good balance between both halves of your argument without waffling.

Think of the past and the present, and speculate on the future, so that you can make a good case for your perspective.

In this ca explore what you see as either the problems or promises of science and food jointly, and use research findings to support your ideas. You need to take a side with this topic and then find evidence to support your position.

The final outline should be look like this:

All use full sentence to express

Ⅰ.Intro: Argument Full paragraph

Ⅱ.First point




Ⅲ.Second point




Ⅳ.Third point




Ⅴ. Conclusion (Full paragraph)


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