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Municipal Government and Administration 

4 credits 

This course studies the development of city government in the United States; the governmental organization of several typical cities; the problems of taxation, law enforcement, health, housing, welfare, planning, and zoning; and the future of cities. Prerequisite: GOV-366. 


American Constitution 

4 credits 

This writing intensive course surveys the development of the American Constitution from colonial origins to the present. Constitutional law in the broader framework of political philosophy is discussed. Major themes in this course are federalism, the doctrine of separation of powers, and the impact of Supreme Court decisions on society. Prerequisite: GOV-140. 


Practice of Law 

4 credits 

This course focuses on three major areas of success required to become a successful legal practitioner: legal reasoning and analysis, practical legal research and writing, and “soft” skills of the legal profession such as the ability to gather information from persons and to communicate with persons in the legal arena. Prerequisite: GOV-357. 


Government Capstone 

4 credits 

This writing intensive course provides a broad overview of careers at the federal, state, and local levels of governing bodies and agencies. The course explores the role of a bureaucrat, legislative aid, lobbyist, or campaign worker. Issues that are unique to legislatures that make the law, and to public agencies that implement and enforce the law are also explored. This course examines selected theoretical and empirical topics in government. This course represents the culmination of undergraduate study within government. Prerequisites: Successful completion of all courses in Program of Study and content area. 


Special Topics in Federal-State-Local Relations 

4 credits 

This course analyzes contemporary topics in federalism. Topics will vary but may include case studies on environmental, health care, transportation, and homeland security policies. Prerequisite: GOV-351. 



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