Required Discussion Forum: 10 Cultural Geographic Issues for the 21st Century

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Required Discussion Forum: 10 Cultural Geographic Issues for the 21st Century


  Which issue do you feel is most important?


  How would you rank them and why?


  Add an 11th paradigm, something you feel was not included.



For your Discussion entry, rank the following issues with number 1 being the most important in your opinion through number 10. Then add one you think is missing. In other words re-rank them according to what you think is the most important. After you place your post, do not forget to respond to two other peoples post.


10 Issues for the 21st Century


1.     Population increase is in less developed countries


2.     Feeding the world’s population


3.     Disparities of wealth – – widening gap between wealthy a poor


4.     Status of women and children


5.     Global climate change


6.     Energy supplies and energy demands


7.     Loss of biodiversity


8.     Pollution of air and water, oceans and land


9.     Globalization vs. cultural diversity


10.  Race and Ethnic Conflict resolution




1. ) After you place your post you may comment on another people’s post.


2. )Remember you have to responding to at least TWO other people’s post.


3.)Write about 200-300 word for main topic. Write about 50-100 word for two other people’s comment.


There are no right or wrong answers. You will be graded on thoughtful, respectful comments.


Here is one of the people’s post. Write a comment for this post.


Hi All,

Looking at this list I would rank them as the following,

1.    Feeding the world’s population,

2.              global climate change,

3.              status of women and children,

4.              race and ethnic conflict resolutions,

5.              population increase in less developed countries,

6.              pollution of air and water, oceans and land,

7.              globalization vs. cultural diversity,

8.              loss of biodiversity,

9.              energy supplies and energy demands,

10. Disparities of wealth – widening gap between wealthy a poor

I put this as my list because I feel that when it comes to money in this world people put that first when other things should come first. I do agree that the gap between the rich and poor does need to decrease but I also believe that people shouldn’t be starving at the same time. I think as a country we need to make sure that our people and our environment are healthy before we go and worry about things like money. In the end if our people and our environment aren’t healthy money isn’t going to be able to solve the issue.

LGBTQ movement is a current issue in the 21st century is not on this list that I believe is very important to today’s society. In todays society people should have the freedom to express themselves without having the feared of being judge of who they are. This is the United States and we preach this whole idea about freedom but there are people in todays society who aren’t free to be themselves. This is such an important issue in todays society because there needs to be a change. Nobody should have the fear of being left out and not allowed to be who they truly are.


Here is another people’s post. Write a comment for this post.

Hi All,

I would rank the issues as the following:

1. feeding the world’s population

2. status of women and children

3. disparities of wealth

4. race and ethnic conflict resolution

5. population increase in less developed countries

6. pollution of air, water

7. energy supplies/demands

8. loss of biodiversity

9. global climate change

10. globalization vs cultural diversity

I ranked the issues in this order because I feel feeding the world’s population is a big issue that has been going on for so long but hasn’t been resolved. I think the people living on earth are slightly more important than the environment they live in.

The one issue I would add to this list is the ongoing wars happening in other parts of the world such as the Middle East. Innocent civilians fear for their lives everyday and are being attacked by others – some even losing their lives. It has been going on far too long and their lives are just as important as anyone else’s. It is also very unfair that many countries do not want people from the Middle East and other war filled countries to enter their territory.


Originally posted 2018-05-19 10:31:42.



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