Affordable Custom Written Essay on ANNUAL AND SHORT TERM GOALS

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The goals that will be highlighted in this case belong to an elementary school pupil with a disability in reading, writing and language. The pupil in question has a behavior plan and an afternoon program that enables the student to cope with the learning. Some annual goals have been set by the teachers of the student in question. First, the pupil in this case is expected to be able to interact more with both his or her classmates as well as the teachers. Apart from this, the pupils reading writing and speech should have significantly improved which will be evidenced by an improvement in his or her performance (Martin, 2010).
Short term goals which have a much narrower time frame have also been set with regard to the elementary pupil in question (Martin, 2010). By the end of the term, the pupil should be able to flawlessly read a passage out loud as well as to write and spell correctly. In order to aid his reading disability, the teachers will encourage the pupil to read more often especially out loud as it will also lead to the enhancement of their speech. Teachers should keep in mind that the pupil may not be comfortable reading out loud in front of their peers and should be ready to accommodate this. With regard to the writing problem, teachers may utilize the use of word games which will be attractive to the pupil and, therefore, lead to more participation in writing exercises.
Due to his speech disability, the teachers should encourage the pupil to participate more in class since it will enable him or her to progress in language. At the end of every school term, some improvement in the pupils overall performance should be noted in order to determine if they were benefiting from this program. This will be noted if the specific disabilities of the pupil in question will be regarded carefully (Martin, 2010). As a result of this particular goal, the
annual goal of improved performance will be easily attainable. In addition to this, the pupil will advance in education remarkably.
Martin, N. R. M. (2010). Supporting the IEP process: A facilitator’s guide. Baltimore: Paul H. Brookes Pub.