Assessment Item 2: Written Assessment

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Assessment Item 2: Written Assessment

Students are required to write a structured essay on the following topic:


“The consumer voice is central to all current mental health contexts and areas of practice.”


Using the key words below, discuss how the principles of recovery paradigm can be integrated into mental health nursing practice

Key words: Recovery framework, uniqueness of the individual, peer support, advocacy, attitudes and rights, consent, dignity and respect, partnership and communication.

As a guide, in order to answer this essay question, the completed essay should give the reader an understanding of the consumer experience and how nurses can help facilitate the consumer’s recovery. Evidence to support this should be critically analysed rather than described and should be based on primary sources of literature (at least six different peer reviewed journal articles). The essay should be written in professional, academic language. Dot points and first-person writing (including personal opinion) should not be used in a University essay.


All written assessments must align to academic standards. 

 Academic standards require:

·      the use of third person, unless specifically indicated otherwise;

·      APA 6th edition for in-text citations and reference list;

·      an introduction, body and conclusion or as per directions in the assessment instructions;

·      adherence to word count;

·      a 12 size font in either Arial, Times New Roman or Calibri;

·      1.5 spacing; and

·      submitted using a MS word document only

All assessments should have a title page that specifies: 

Unit Code & Unit Name
Student Name
Student Identification number
Title of assignment
An accurate word count including in-text citations, but not the end references

Students should refer to VU Assessment for Learning policy regarding word count and late submission penalties.


HNB2105: Nursing and Mental health 1, Semester 1, 2018 Essay Marking Rubric


Not Adequate

Needs Improvement


Above Average


Presentation & Style

(0 points)

Meaning unclear &/ or grammar &/or many spelling errors. Poor expression, immature language and writing style.

(2 points)

Meaning apparent, but language not always fluent. Basic expression, language and writing style. Grammar &/or spelling contains some errors.

(4 points)

Language mainly fluent.

Effective expression, clear language and writing style.

Grammar & spelling mainly accurate with very few errors.

(6 points)

Language fluent, very good expression, mature language and writing style. Grammar & spelling accurate.

(10 points)

Excellent expression, sophisticated language and writing style. Grammar & spelling always accurate.


(0 points)

No clear introduction.

(2 points)

Nonspecific introduction in need of further development.

(4 points)

Introduces topic and provides background & a statement of purpose.

(6 points)

Strong introduction with specific statement of purpose and direction for the essay.

(10 points)

Excellent, creative, specific introduction.

Organization of


(0 points)

Disorganized/incoherent organization. Answer does not follow any logical sequence.

(5 points)

Poor organization. Some attempt to organize answer in a logical manner. 

(8 points)

Some organization of answer. Has identified some of the key concepts and their relationships to each other.

(11 points)

Good organization of answer. Coherent, generally links the concepts/theories to the essay topic.

(15 points)

Exceptional organization of answer. Consistently links the theoretical concepts with the topic in a logical, concise and ordered fashion.

Content & Knowledge

(0 points)

Lacks evidence of knowledge of concepts/theories relevant to the topic. Does not answer the question.

(10 points)

Key concepts related to the topic are only superficially addressed with a reliance on repetition or description of research/literature. Wholly descriptive, no critical analysis.

(20 points)

Has given a factual & / or conceptual knowledge base regarding the topic.

Key issues are examined although the central concepts are occasionally disjointed. Mostly descriptive, minimal critical analyses.

(30 points)

Reasonable knowledge of the topic and an awareness of a variety of ideas and contexts relating to the topic. Key concepts are well defined and referred to throughout the essay. Some attempt at critical analysis.

(40 points)

Comprehensive/detailed knowledge and understanding of the topic and the relevant theories/concepts used. Key concepts are well defined, explored and interwoven throughout the essay.

Critical analysis evident throughout essay.


(0 points)

Little or no literature is cited, may be inappropriate or absent. Referencing is apparent but style is inadequate and does not comply with APA 6th conventions.

(5 points)

Some literature cited. Some attempt at referencing. Inconsistently complies with APA 6th conventions.


(8 points)

Literature cited is adequate. Referencing is mainly accurate. Generally complies with APA 6th conventions.

(11 points)

Literature cited is highly relevant yet not extensive. Referencing is accurate with minimal errors. Generally complies with APA 6th conventions.

(15 points)

Literature cited is highly relevant and extensive. Referencing is consistently accurate and complies with APA 6th conventions.


(0 points)

No clear conclusion.

(2 points)

Nonspecific conclusion. In need of further development.

(4 points)

Conclusion has an adequate summary of key concepts.

(6 points)

Well justified conclusion that summarizes key concepts.

(10 points)

Well justified and integrated conclusion.

For additional resources and assistance with this essay, please refer to the ‘Writing Rules’ materials provided within each tutorial from weeks 1 to 4 of this unit. Further supports can be received through the Library or online (

Requests for extensions must be sought in writing from the Unit Convenor. Application forms for extensions can be found here: You will be required to submit both the application form and supporting evidence to the Unit Coordinator at least one day prior to the assessment due date for this to be considered.



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