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By January 22, 2018Academic Papers

1 – research – what do I know? …what do we need to know? …who is solving this – is there a college or university out there doing it?

2 – brainstorm – share what you know, (S+W we have) and where are the opportunities and threats …

3 – best opportunities – bring the best ideas forward … work them up, develop ideas/strategies – work them through to a few tactics (short-term, long-term – but everything should be forecasting to a long-term success)

4 – small, deliverable … come up with a ‘step forward’ … something they could be doing now to make a difference

5 – write it up

Possible projects:

Improve communication with stakeholders for connecting with past alumni and attraction of new potential donors

Improve relationships with …. ?? surrounding municipalities, government, industry – which could result in stronger partnerships leading to gifts

How do we make an acting impact on students today – tomorrow, so we position ourselves for the gift in the future?

How do we connect with staff and faculty, present and retired to ensure future gifts – 


Writing it up! STAY STRATEGIC

12pt font – Calibri – spacing 1.5

Page one – cover, with the client logo and the strategy (your business problem you will be working on) and your names/participants

Page two – current situation analysis – what is happening, right now. You may want to include areas of the SWOT, the strengths and weaknesses. State the area you will ‘tackle’, in hopes of improving growth and/or remove barriers to growth (one to two pages). REMINDER – when doing the SW and the research – focus on the business question you’re trying to solve. 

Page three – research – what you found out, site sources (one to two pages) you should provide the research, and narrate how this may/could/would/should impact the Foundation/Alumni Association.

Page four – opportunities and threats – forming the strategy – within your ‘strategy area’, show the areas you feel there is or are growth opportunities or development — working towards long-term growth and sustainability (one page).

Page five – THE IDEA – this is where you show the strategy you will tackle – the business problem you will try to address. You will work up an idea … with an outcome you can show (such as: …

Addendums – attach pieces to your presentation, to help showcase your ideas (if necessary).

Rubric, in short form:

Followed the format, including cover page – 5points

Professionalism – 10 points

CSA – 15 points

Research and Forming the Strategy – 20 points

IDEA and the idea work-up/deliverable – 50 points



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