Business Research Proposal

By January 1, 2019 Academic Papers

Objectives/ Learning Outcomes The coursework assessment enables you to partially demonstrate the learning outcomes required for the successful completion of the module, particularly: • Evaluating secondary data sources such as market research reports and academic literature to frame a research question • Demonstrating understanding of development, conduct, analysis and interpretation of market, business and academic research to propose a research plan • Working creatively with quantitative and qualitative (and potentially alternative) research methods • Understanding of ethical issues in market, business and academic research that apply to your proposal • Producing a succinct, well-argued and well-presented research proposal. This element of the coursework prepares you for final year project, in terms of content, structure and word count. It also prepares you for commissioning, using and developing marketing research in future careers. For more details see module specification and module booklet. The Research Proposal The Research Proposal is an outline of a proposed mixed methods research design for a topic chosen from the list of the 9 provided (see Appendix A). This is the kind of document that a market research agency would present to a client to pitch for, win and guide a large market research project. Examples are provided in tutorials, on Blackboard and in the recommended text books. No primary data collection is required. Although practically-focused, this assessment requires an academic slant to justify your choices. You are expected to integrate academic concepts and theories from throughout the module, and your own reading, to underpin your work and justify the choices you are making. In this regard it is essential that you properly reference all books, academic articles, websites and other reference sources used in your report. The research proposal follows the same overall structure as the module lectures and tutorials, taking you through the 4Ps of a market research plan: • Purpose: analysing existing academic/practitioner literature to develop a research aim and objectives, and to identify appropriate methods for your own proposal. • Population: identifying and justifying the sample size, type and recruitment methods, and ensuring participants are accessible, for each stage of the proposed research. • Procedures: outlining your proposed qualitative AND quantitative data collection methods, ensuring they would gather robust data, and how you will combine these methodologies, justifying your choices. • Publication: ensuring that resulting research would be robust, valid, and appropriate for your research aim, satisfying your client and other