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CIS 105 Survey Of Computer Information Systems Entire Course
This course presents an overview of the various technologies embedded in every aspect of society. Students gain a basic understanding of how a computer functions as a single unit, in a network, and as a connection to the Internet. Other topics include security issues and the use of productivity software, such as word processing, spreadsheets, and presentation applications. The course also addresses social and ethical issues related to using computers.
This undergraduate-level course is 9 weeks
Survey Of Computer Information Systems
CIS 105 Week 1 Individual Assignment Computer Comparison
Write a 350- to 700-word paper that addresses the following items:
Think about how your computer system compares to a state-of-the-art system.
Identify the following components of your system: type of central processing unit (CPU), amount of random access memory (RAM) and read-only memory (ROM), input and output devices, and types of storage.
Comparethese elements to new, state-of-the art technology available.
Cite any additional resources you reference consistent with APA guidelines.
CIS 105 Week 1 DQS 
CIS 105 DQ 1
Think about how computer technology permeates society. Throughout the day, you encounter many types of computerized devices at the grocery store, fast food chains, school, and work. Describe one such device available today: Who uses it, what are they able to accomplish with its use, and how do people benefit from its existence?
CIS 105 Week 2 Individual Assignment Data Versus Information
Write a 350- to 700-word paper that describes the distinctions of data and information and briefly explains the process a computer uses to convert data into information.
Consider the following: Computers use a completely different language than people, yet they communicate effectively with people.
Distinguishbetween computer data represented by the state of a computer’s electrical switches and the meaningful information that is displayed to the user.
Cite any additional resources you reference consistent withAPA guidelines
CIS 105 Week 3 Individual Assignment How Computers Work Worksheet
Resource:Associate Level Material: How Computers Work
Create an overview of computers and software for individuals who have not used computers extensively and want to learn more about them.
Complete the “How Computers Work” Worksheet andWrite a 350- to 700-word paper that provides an overview of how computers are used.
Compare and contrast different types of computer software required to make computers work.
Include an overview of the purpose of the software with detailed information provided in the speaker notes.
Describe the relationship between different types of software and the type of machine with which they are compatible.
CIS 105 Week 3 DQS 
CIS 105 DQ 1
There are a variety of computers available, from the smallest computer in a domestic device to the supercomputers used in industry. Despite the different uses for computers, they all have basics elements in common—each computer system involves hardware, software, data, and users. Think about the role of each component of your home or work computer: How do the components of your computer system interact within the system? What improvements or additions to your system do you think would benefit you or make the system more user-friendly? Why?
CIS 105 Week 5 Individual Assignment Cloud Computing and Wireless Technology
Describecloud computing in 350 to 700 words. Include the following:
What is the role of cloud computing?
What is the difference between the Internet and cloud computing?
How valuable do you think the cloud has become to wireless technology?
What are the benefits of wireless technology?
Format the paper and any citations of additional resources consistent with APA guidelines.
CIS 105 Week 5  DQS
CIS 105  DQ 1
Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following
Consider how wireless technology enables people to communicate constantly with each other through mobile technology. How often do you gain or exchange information via your computer and the cloud? How has this changed in the last 10 years?
CIS 105 Week 6 Individual Assignment Social Networking
You are a systems developer for a company you are familiar with. The company wants to implement a new accounting information system. You have been asked to review the process prior to implementation.
Describeone social network service in 350 to 700 words. Include the following:
What are the primary features of the social network service?
Why would someone choose to use (or not use) this social network service?
What are the potential benefits and drawbacks?
What is the role of social computing?
Format the paper and any citations of additional resources consistent with APA guidelines
CIS 105 Week 7  DQS 
CIS 105  DQ 1
Write a 200- to 300-word short-answer response to the following
What is the importance of an operating system (OS)? What reasons would a computer user have to change from one OS to another? What do you like and dislike about the OS on your computer at home or at work? Explain why.
CIS 105 Week 8 Individual Assignment Cyber Security
Selectone of the follow scenarios and prepare a 700-1050-word paper.
Scenario One
James was traveling for his job. The Internet card provided by his company was not working and he had an important project due that day. James was in a small town about an hour away from the nearest Internet kiosk, so he decided to drive around a nearby suburb to see if he could find a wireless system he could borrow to send out his project. James found a wireless system without a security key and, after parking near the home with the system, uploaded the project. Afterward, just for fun, James peaked into the computer on the wireless system and found, to his dismay, some bank accounts and passwords.
Think about how you would feel if James were parked outside your home, using your wireless network.
Explain the following in 350 to 700 words: Before this class, what means, if any, were you employing to protect yourself in the cyber world? What security measures are available to the average computer user? What is missing from the system James borrowed? Which do you think are most important? How might you change your approach to online security in the future?
Cite any resources used consistent withAPA guidelines.
Scenario Two
Research two available security systems that provide total network protection, also known as all-in-one computer security systems.
Explain the following in 350 to 700 words: How do computers benefit from having all-in-one computer security systems installed? What makes them effective? What do they protect against?
Format the paper and any citations of additional resources consistent with APA guidelines.
CIS 105 Week 9 Final Technology of the Future
Describe one new technological device in 350 to 700 words. Include the following:
When did the technology come into existence? What trends does this piece of technology reflect? How are ethical issues affecting technology trends?
Howare current capabilities of computer technology different (or similar to) what was thought impossible 10 years ago. What are the possibilities for the use of technology in the near and distant future? What might the potential ethical issues be for the next 10 years?
Format the paper and any citations of additional resources consistent with APA guidelines.
CIS 105 Week 9 Capstone 
What did you learn from this course that is new and helpful to you? How will you use that information in the future? What useful advice could you provide someone based on what you have learned?


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