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Advertising Critique




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Advertising Critique

  1. Chupa Chups sugar free candies.

The Spanish based candy company, famous for over 150 lollipop types, started a new line of sugar free products back in 2014. To roll out this idea, the company took to print media, where they have a very good advertisement. Image source:

The tagline for this ad is “it’s sugar free”. The image depicts a procession of ants going around the lollipop instead as going on it as expected. The ad was put in magazines, newspapers and also on billboards.

The ad targets everyone with its subtle healthy campaign of being sugar free, this is its communication objective. The communication strategy here used is humor. The target audience is not treated to doctor-patient session where the negative effects of sugar or the positive effects of going sugar free are explained to them. It does not state the obvious health benefits associated with their new products but rather take a comical approach to conveying its message. This makes the strategy effective. The picture negates the use of a wordy ad since the message is clear. The picture here delivers the sugar free message effectively, hence a small tagline on the bottom left part of the ad- it’s sugar free.

Common everyday occurrences like ants going for sugary things are put into creative use by the ad. The image communicates fully.

The target audience is treated to a comically original ad where their health is not talked about in the usual degrading manner. It has been seen that products of this kind (of a healthy agenda), are usually advertised in ways that make the target audience guilty of their unhealthy habits. Some fast food companies have suffered losses when the population has shifted to alternatively healthier foods.


  1. The Fanta edible print ad campaign.

Augmented Reality, AR, is a new way of letting the target audience interact with the product itself rather than just watching an ad on TV or reading it on a magazine (Austin, 2013). This is what Fanta turned to for their campaign. The poster, which has been placed in magazines, can actually be consumed along another meal. This is thanks to the innovative use of rice paper that has been flavoured by the Fanta taste.






Image source:

The ad’s target audience is everyone with its communication objectives being geared towards letting the audience taste what is in store for them when they drink that bottle of Fanta. Starting off with describing its orange taste then inviting them to tear a piece off and eat it. These positioning statements and key messages are important in the ad as they offer adequate information about the product.

The ad requires its own page in any magazine since it is made of rice paper. This makes it very expensive to mass-produce and I think this is where it falls short. The ad is also too wordy and in this day of short titles just to capture the audience, it would not capture the intended market attention.

The use of the new way of advertising, AR, is commendable by the company as its overall communication objective is to let the audience taste the Fanta flavour before buying the product itself. This gives people a chance to decide whether they would like it or not from just the ad. This eventually takes advertising to a whole new level.

Creativity is the biggest plus for this advert as the audience gets a new experience.

However, as explained above, cost makes the ad difficult to maintain over long durations. The question of hygiene has also plagued the ad with some consumers not being able to tear off pieces of the paper to sample the product.  This makes the use of this type of advertising ineffective as compared to the first Chupa Chups sugar free ad.



Austin, C. (2013). 15 Clever Augmented Reality Campaigns. Business Insider. Retrieved 19 January 2017, from





















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