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ACME has developed a range of specialist teas and wishes to market these within the UK market. ACME has no experience in trading in the UK or elsewhere and has limited resources.


Company and product background:

ACME tea UK is based in Hull. ACME claim to offer exclusive Ceylon teas at affordable prices under the brand name ACME Tea. The founder, Joe Blogs, is a trained qualified tea taster and regularly visits tea plantations in Sri Lanka (Ceylon) to pick the best teas. As the master tea taster, he personally inspects every batch produced under ACMB brand name.

While Mr. Blogs is an expert in tea, he has very little business experience. All ACME loose leaf teas are produced in a traditional manner and traceable to the plantation. ACME does not blend teas as they believe that their customers should get the best.



Create an abridged Marketing plan that examines the initial marketing campaign and advise how the company should induce ACME tea in to the UK market place.



You have  the freedom to determine the parameters of the campaign. In producing your marketing plan, please pay particular attention to the following four critical areas.


  • Who is ACME’S target market? What customer need are ACME tea addressing? What value is given to customers?


  • What would be ACME tea’s key differentiation / positioning? Why would you think this differentiation/positioning would be successful?
  • How should ACME go about communicating with their customers? Please. Discuss the nature of its message, its tone and desired.
  • How would ACME go about pricing its products?
  • How would ACME ensure that the customers get the product?


Your recommendation should be justified through careful consideration. In other word, you should demonstrate that you have applied marketing tools in your analysis , and the output of such analysis should be shown in the appendix.









In putting together the report, you WILL have to make assumptions; any assumptions made should be sensible, logical, and clearly based upon available information. In preparing the report, you MUST state where such assumptions have been made.

(Part one-in no more than 3000 words, worth 75% of the assignment marks).


Note: the product marketing plan needs to be done in Saudi Arabia market.

Analysis are required (SWOT/PESTLE/Cow Cash etc…) 




Drawing upon a number of examples of your choosing, demonstrate how the web can be used to vary an element of the marketing mix. Conclude by assessing whether, based upon your analysis, the web constitutes a disruptive innovation for marketing. Please remember that you should only select a single element of marketing mix, say for example price or place but not both.

Your essay must show how theoretical foundations can be applied in practical applications. To succeed it is critical that you read both text books and journal articles to see how others have used theories of Marketing you are writing about and use their ideas to underpin your own arguments

If you don’t include such arguments based on literature sources, properly referenced in your work, you will fail this element. It must be written in essay format and in accordance with the rules relating to using

Harvard referencing. This should be included as a subsection of the main report.



(Part two -in no more than 1000 worbs, worth 25% of the assignment marks)




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