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AUSP 2360 Introduction to Speech and Hearing Disorders 
A description and discussion of speech, language, and hearing disorders; therapy surveys and assessment techniques. Three credit hours.

AUSP 3350 Phonetics
In-depth study of principles of phonetics and their application to speech. Three credit hours.

AUSP 3360 Language and Speech Acquisition 
Prerequisite: consent of instructor. The study of normal verbal speech and language acquisition. Three credit hours.

AUSP 3361 Speech Anatomy and Physiology
Anatomy and physiology of the speech and hearing mechanism and associated structures. Three credit hours.

AUSP 3362 Hearing Science 
Prerequisite: AUSP 2360 or consent of instructor. An introduction to the study of hearing. Emphasis will be given to the elements of sound, auditory physiology, psychoacoustical methods, and theories of hearing. Three credit hours.

AUSP 3363 Disorders in Articulation 
Prerequisites: AUSP 2360 and 3350 or consent of instructor. Theory, evaluation, and therapeutic procedures with functional and organic articulatory and phonological disorders. Three credit hours.

AUSP 3364 Speech Science
Prerequisite: AUSP 3350. Speech as an acoustic phenomenon; special reference to voice, rate, articulation; survey of experimental literature; theoretical, practical consideration of mechanical, electrical instruments used in diagnostic, therapeutic, experimental aspects of speech pathology, audiology. Three credit hours.

AUSP 3365 Clinical Management 
Prerequisite: AUSP 2360. For majors only. Clinical procedures for working in various practicum settings, using diagnostic and therapeutic techniques, writing behavioral objectives, procedures for report writing, and practical experience with clinician-made and commercial materials. First in the series of practicum courses. Three credit hours.

AUSP 4162 Practicum I
Prerequisites: AUSP 3365, consent of instructor. For majors only. Supervised clinical practice in the areas of speech and/or language disorders. Requires at least 15 client clock hours. Must be taken first in clinical practicum series. One credit hour.

AUSP 4163 Practicum II 
Prerequisites: AUSP 3365, 4162, consent of instructor. For majors only. Only two practicums may be taken on the undergraduate level. One credit hour.

AUSP 4164 Practicum III 
Prerequisites: AUSP 3365, consent of instructor. For majors only. Supervised clinical activity in specialized areas. Requires 60 client clock hours. Only two practicums may be taken on the undergraduate level. One credit hour.

AUSP 4363 Voice and Stuttering Disorders 
Prerequisites: AUSP 2360, 3361, 3350, or consent of instructor. Etiology, evaluative, and therapeutic procedures for persons with voice disorders and with various types of verbal disfluency behaviors. Three credit hours.

AUSP 4364 Differential Diagnosis of Speech and Language Disorders 
Prerequisites: AUSP 2360, 3360, 3363, or consent of instructor. Interview and test procedures used in evaluating speech and language disorders. Emphasis on use and interpretation of standardized test measures. Three credit hours.

AUSP 4366 Language Disorders
Prerequisite: AUSP 3360 or consent of instructor. Language disorders in adults and children including types of language disorders, etiology, neurological and theoretical correlates, diagnostic procedures and test interpretation, and treatment protocols. Dual-listed in the Graduate Catalogas AUSP 5366. Three credit hours.

AUSP 4368 Audiology 
Prerequisite: AUSP 3362. Principles of auditory reception; the hearing mechanism; problems involved in measuring, evaluating, and conserving hearing. Clinical observation. Dual-listed in the Graduate Catalog as AUSP 5368. Three credit hours.

AUSP 4369 Audiologic Rehabilitation 
Prerequisite: AUSP 2360, 4368, or consent of instructor. Principles of audiologic habilitation/rehabilitation with infants, children, and adults with hearing loss. Discussion of communication and education options for children with hearing loss, counseling techniques, communication strategies, and the use of amplification and other assistive technologies. Three credit hours.

AUSP 4101, 4201, 4301 Independent Study 
Students will read and research in a selected area of communicative disorders. Projects and papers must be approved by the instructor before registration. One, two, or three credit hours.

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