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Competency Development Plan

GLO-BUS Company intends to improve the competency management of its organization through the incorporation of information systems, performance tracking and implementation of controls for the systems. This process is an important step in improving the performance of the company and implementing core incentives through which sustainable development can be achieved. GLO-BUS intends to look at their organization and map specific functions onto an automated system. In doing this, they will be in a better position to properly manage the company with the core objectives and its strategic plan in mind.

Incorporation of an Automated System

            The continued influence of technology and that of the world around has improved how businesses operate internally and interact with its stakeholders. Some of the most significant technological innovations include, the Point of Sale (POS) system, E-Procurement Platforms and in the recent past automated customer service systems improve the function and efficiency of corporations. Being able to create a system that incorporates these technologies will be a critical step to improving the value of the business. One of the most widely used forms in automating organizational functions is through the thorough definition of the core business processes. In doing this, GLO-BUS can look at functions that can be automated and work towards improving their operational performance.

Performance Tracking

Performance tracking is an important objective in any business. In a lot of cases, the value of a business is realized through consistent improvement and assessment of the improvements made. While incorporation of automated systems will improve the functionality and efficiency of the business, its sustainability can be affirmed through consistent evaluation of the company performance. The company will need to consistently compare the performance of the company and the objectives its set out. Employees are required to hand in different deliverables at specified deadlines. Auditing information, for instance, is sensitive as it affects the financing of the company. Performance tracking would require daily updates of the progress made by individual employees in their respective capacities. This is one of the most important functions that will allow the company to achieve its milestones in time. Consequently the company performance over a sustained amount of time should improve the perspective of the management on the efficiency of the firm’s strategic plan. Ensuring that these updates are made is a critical part of the company’s performance tracking.


Automated systems are very precise in managing the limits to which they allow access, use of resources among other functions. The company system should have security and privacy measures that improve the management of some of the functions automatically. For instance, once the company budget is completed, all department will have to conform to the company budget for the fiscal year. Implementing controls on how much is spent at any one moment, therefore, comes as an important consideration for the company. For example, should the company implement a system in procurement, managing the expenses and minimizing on how to spend money will be a priority. The company system should, therefore, can choose to limit the amount of money that can be spent on particular assets. It is in this way that the company will be able to improve its expenses. Such measures will improve the cost efficiency of the company and in doing so the company productivity.


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