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Critical Thinking Assessment Template

Prerequisites: Complete and post your individual team contribution, which is your drafted plan into your team’s discussion topic. NOTE: Do not send your drafted plan with this assignment. Further, you do not need to peer review the drafts before doing this assignment because that is done for Unit 9.


Your name, your role for the team activity, your team name:





Capella’s critical thinking process is a tool to sharpen your critical thinking and problem solving skills so you can accomplish the four critical thinking objectives. As mentioned throughout the course, you can use our six-step process whenever you are approaching a problem to find a solution. Specifically, your Capella assignments are excellent problems to solve using the six steps. You have practiced this for assignments in units 3–7.

Now for this assignment, reflect on the Critical Thinking Six Steps that you used while completing your drafted plan, which was your individual team contribution posted in your team’s Unit 8 discussion topic. Further, you will see that each step is one criteria on the scoring guide. Refer to the Critical Thinking Process study in Unit 3 as needed.

Use this template by completing the items requested on it, which will guide the composition needed for your assignment. Have fun and be sure to submit by Sunday of week 8 to assure you can be successful in the Unit 9 peer review and revising your plan.

Note that this is the final assignment that has the six steps of critical thinking integrated into the instructions. You are now to be assessed on your mastery of explaining your reflection about using the six steps.


Rationale: Once you have drafted your individual contribution (drafted plan) for Unit 8, you have finished the new coursework part of this course. Specifically, as you look at the Teamwork Activity Challenge, you will see the remaining course activities for units 9 and 10 are applying skills practiced in previous coursework in units 3–7.





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Congratulations on your mastery of the Critical Thinking Six Steps! Be sure to elaborate your explanations to clearly demonstrate your mastery!

Step 1. Demonstrate a positive attitude toward solving a problem. (In this step, explain how you kept a positive attitude as you drafted your contribution to your team.)

[write your composition here]


Step 2. Focus on the accuracy of the assumptions and conclusions. (In this step, explain how you kept a focus on the assignment—drafted contribution to your team—and to be clear about the requirements. For example, describe how you verified the assignment instructions and scoring guide to make sure everything required is included.)

[write your composition here]


Step 3. Break the problems into workable parts. (In this step, explain how you broke the assignment—drafted contribution to the team—into smaller more easily tackled parts and provide a reason for each part.)

[write your composition here]


Step 4. Do not guess or jump to conclusions. (In this step, describe how you found if you have the necessary information to proceed. For example, explain how you identified what information is provided and what information must be determined.)

[write your composition here]


Step 5. Employ meaningful self-dialog throughout the process, including written or drawn prompts as well as spoken words. (In this step, explain how you organized the assignment—drafted contribution to the team–using notes, tables, diagrams and drawings.)

[write your composition here]


Step 6. Briefly describe what it felt like to go through the process. 

[write your composition here]


Instructions when finished with this assignment composition:

·       Make sure your composition is error free. Then revisit the Unit 8, assignment 1 instructions for the two-step submission process.

·       Proceed with your team communications in Unit 8 and move to the Unit 9 discussion for the team peer review and to finalize your contribution to the team for Unit 9.