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Digital Marketing: A Case Study of Dell





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Digital Marketing: A Case Study of Dell

Business organizations have finally come to the awakening that integration of Internet marketing is no longer optional but rather a function that holds numerous opportunities resulting from a vast online presence. Digital marketing just like all the other forms of traditional marketing approaches require extensive research, a strategic methodology and a strategic plan in line with the business goals and objectives. As such, many companies have highly invested in digital marketing to reap the opportunities only to end up in losses, wastage and poor returns on their investment. In this essay, the aspect of digital marketing will be discussed based on the Dell’s digital marketing strategy.

Dell’s Digital Marketing Opportunities, Needs and Challenges

The opportunities for Dell in the digital platform are limitless and provide a rather perfect space for the company to market itself in the most effective and efficient manner. Thomson (2013) indicates that all companies dealing with high technology share two major common characteristics. These shared attributes emanate from the fact that their communities as well their reputation can best be found online. Furthermore, the digital space does not only have a global reach but also the capability of offering personalization, interactive marketing, in-time marketing as well as integration with other forms of marketing (Boone and Kurtz, 2013). Therefore, integrating digital marketing as an important marketing strategy for Dell is based on these opportunities.

Dell’s business strategy focuses on the customer relationships and experience by providing customized products, relevant products, superior quality, support, and value. The business strategy is perfect especially considering that Dell deals in Technological products that can somewhat complicated, and confusing. The business goal seeks to address the customer’s need for guidance, explanations, and support. The best approach to satisfy the customer is a two-way interactive marketing approach that allows satisfaction of particular needs. Dell’s overall business approach more inclined in direct marketing and considering that in the contemporary market, coupled with globalization and technology, a digital market serves the best platform to satisfy this need. Digital marketing approach adopted by Dell ideally serves the company’s need to interact with customers in a way that particular customer’s needs are optimally satisfied.

Whereas the challenge of wastage and targeting of a particular niche or market is common with the traditional marketing approaches, the same suffice in the digital space. Target marketing is a primary concern to digital marketers especially considering the presence of massive data on the internet. The Dell is faced with a challenge in maximizing return on investment in digital marketing. This problem can only be overcome by ensuring a high conversion rate of viewers into buyers. As such, the direct digital marketing model adopted by Dell provides an efficient solution by enabling targeting different target markets with different product offerings. For instance, the internet search for cheap laptop will direct the searcher to a Dell’s page offering huge discounts. This way, Dell is in a position to convert as many viewers into buyers.

Issues in Dell’s Digital Marketing

According to WSI (2013), creating a persona that represent different customer attributes and behavior allows an organization to develop personalized marketing strategies, campaign and product offerings. Each campaign and products targets each customer, an aspect that results in a higher conversion rate and a good return on investment (WSI, 2013). The best approach to dealing with the issue of ROI is by maximizing traffic for a specific target market. Maximizing traffic in a specific target market can best be achieved by determining and tracking relevant content. The importance of contents in digital marketing is derived from a generic ideology that anyone accessing the internet is looking for content.

The popularity of a digital platform such as social media and websites depends on the quality of contents. According to the Marketing Leadership Council (2012), quality content must provide a differentiated provocation that will instantly engage customers. The content ought to be relevant to the target market and based on event triggers such as an annual conference and product launch (MLC, 2012). In this regard, an approach that produces different pages with different topics that are both relevant and interesting to the relevant targets markets should be adopted by Dell. As such, achieving huge traffic of a particular target market must apply a web analytic tool to determine which web pages have the highest of the targeted customers. Chaffey and Smith (2013) assert that it is crucial to study whether the available content can effectively communicate the product offering to the relevant target customers.

The other issue is the decline of influencers. Dell seems to rely so much on influencers in the digital space to market product. Thompson (2013) indicates that the decision made by individual is usually influenced by the people around as well as those they admire. In this regard, the use of influencers by Dell in their digital communication implies that the company reaches out to target customer by either word of mouth through peer-to-peer interaction as well as through celebrities and famous individuals. Considering that the increasing cynicism towards celebrities, politics, media and business, the influence-inspired communication is considerably reducing thus, the approach rendered less and less persuasive. In this regard, the best approach is to intensify social media digital marketing. Social media marketing in this respect must not be based simply on the Dell’s products, but aimed at creating social relationships between the societies through interactions on the social-cultural level. By a large extent, relationships that are not about business are usually the one that lead to the highest amount of business.

Future Resources Required

As Dell looks to advance in technology, the company must commit further resources in the field of digital marketing. Dell’s integrated marketing strategy lay more emphasis on the digital marketing component. As such, Dell requires a platform that allows more interaction between the company and the customers. In future, Dell will require its social media platform as opposed to depending on third party social media sites. Jarvinen et al. (2012) in their research indicated the global village is living in the era of social media. In their findings the researchers indicate that the common digital tool that result in one directional communication are outdated and companies must institute communication landscapes that offer a platform for bi-directional exchanges and interactions (Jarvinen et al., 2012).









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