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Your Identity as a Social Event

With regards to Bakhtin’s ideas, I consider a relaxed book launch as my identity expressed through a social event. The event would be carried out in a large hall, located in a serene environment. To change the event, I would encourage greater relation between individuals, rather than attention for the authors. For instance, I would invite people from varying backgrounds to engage in interesting conversations. This would enable them to explore their non-center through gaining insights from other individuals. Similarly, a heteroglossia would be developed within the individuals. Another manner that the event would be altered is through its traditional formal structures. The guests would be encouraged to dress in a manner that they feel appropriate for the setting. This would advance their center through expressing their natural needs to the social event in the centripetal.


The ATM machine identity represents some degree of heteroglossia. There is extensive relation between the center and non-center as they strive to serve the purpose of the identity. In this case, the purpose is a transfer of monetary value to another party. In the identity change, the focus is placed on shifting the heteroglossia discourse to the zone between the centers and non-centers of the individuals involved. This may assist in streamlining the design of the identity. In the context of the auction house, the room and the person highlights the center. This notion is attributed to the individual’s physical sitting position. Conversely, other individuals that are participating in the bidding process present the non-center. Their relationship with him provides influence on his identity, as does his family. This highlights some intertextuality in the bidding process. In the context of the theme park, the center is advanced through the need for observing different opportunities. The non-center is advanced through the constant push to move on to other attractions.


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