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Mobile Salon Express

Section D

The hair care industry is heavily dependent on consumer choices and demands. The consumers are, therefore, very powerful in the market.  They drive demand for the services in various ways. Firstly, they provide the demand for new innovations. In the United States, consumers usually switch the styling of their hair depending on the current trends. Hair care providers need to understand such consumer demand, before offering their services. Consumers require hair professionals to look after their hair after defined periods. For instance, some consumers require their hair to be dyed professionally after a few weeks. Their choices are what prompt them to consume such services. However, they can perform the same services by themselves. It is seen that the hair care industry is very dependent on consumer demand effectively. Market participants need to differentiate their services in order to capture consumer demand.

The services that will be offered by the salon are considered to be a necessity. People consider their hair as representatives of themselves. Individuals communicate through their physical presentation, before communicating through speech,. Consequently, they spend hours each week priming their hair for interactions with other people. However, this may not be binding for all individuals. The population targeted by the salon mainly consists of style conscious people. The services provided will, therefore, be a necessary part of their lives.

Hair care services are provided mainly due to the skill required for effective presentation of one’s locks. Time also presents another reason why individuals prefer going to hairdressers. However, consumers may substitute a hair dresser’s services in favor of their own work. For example, a potential customer may dye their hair by themselves, devoid of professional assistance. Similarly, they may work on some parts of the process, such as shampooing, and leave the difficult parts for professionals at the salon (Taylor and Houthakker, 2010).

Section E

Suppliers to the industry of Mobile Spas are integral to business operations. Inventory in the mobile spa (as all businesses) is important in maintaining smooth operations. Suppliers of various types will be used in the mobile spa. Products such as lotions, oils and beauty products among others will be required for providing services to the consumers. For a competitive advantage in the hair care market, the suppliers need to provide the goods at economical prices. Other suppliers may provide the battery equipment and wiring. This will make travel and supply set-up easier, hence success in the business. The automobile is the most important aspect of the business. Similarly, it is the most expensive asset. For the success of the business, suppliers will be required to provide the automobile at a competitive price.

Section F

The industry is exposed to various likely sources for disruption. It is important to note that consumers have a great degree of control over demand for the hair care services. Disruptive innovations may eliminate the need for professional hair care services. For instance, the number of Do It Yourself (DIY) kits sold to consumers has grown rapidly. This may present a problem in the future, when professional service may not be required in treating one’s hair. Services provided by the Mobile spa are dependent on consumer choices. For instance, the color of dyes used depends on the current market trends. New trends in the hair care market may disrupt the Mobile Salon’s activities. For example, new training, which is costly, will be required for the provision of services associated to fresh consumer trends.



Taylor, L. and Houthakker, H. (2010). Consumer demand in the United States. New York: Springer.

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