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  1. Will you purchase the consulting team’s proposal?
  2. If you cannot decide, would you haggle a lower price point? Indicate your offer and explain why. If you decide not to purchase their proposal, list out key reasons by bullet point.
  3. Executive summary
  4. Overarching assessment
    1. Does the proposal address your need?
    2. Do you consider the proposal effective?
    3. Can you convince the board to have broad member’s support to implement the proposal?
  5. Detail assessment by department
    1. Finance
      1. Do you believe the budget the consulting team prepares? Find alternative sources to verify their calculation
    2. Accounting
      1. Do you believe the cost estimate prepared by the consulting team? What’s your calculation?
      2. Do you see other ways to control costs?
    3. Marketing
    4. Manufacturing/ R&D
      1. Make-or buy: do you have the technology?
        1. If yes, do you need to invest more to improve it? how do you fend off imitation?
        2. If no, how and form whom you should source the technology? why?
      2. Human resources
        1. For this proposal, do you need to hire new people? do you have to re-organize your structure? how would you train new employee? how do you maintain (or change) organizational culture?
      3. Management
        1. Competitor analysis
        2. Macro environment change (global economics, host country economics, etc.)
  • Organizational resources and capabilities readiness
  1. Execution
    1. Shall you accept the proposal, list our roadmap and timeline in implementing the proposal. Convince me that your organization is capable of doing so.
    2. Shall you decide to reject the proposal and follow your internal solution, explain why and justify that your internal is indeed better

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