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By December 19, 2017Academic Papers

In My Life Diary Audit: Reflection and Expansions

HDFS 215: Dynamics of Family Development

(30 points)


Diary Audit: Reflection (10 points)

Reflection requirements:

· Re-read all of your entries, and take notes about the items you wrote about, both course topics and personal connections.

· The title of this entry must be “Diary Audit: Reflection”. If you completed 12 entries, this will essentially be entry #13.

· This entry must be at least 500 words.

· Feel free to quote briefly from your own entries (no more than 2 sentences) or to refer to specific ideas from the course readings or lectures.

· Some questions to consider might include: What do you usually write about in your entries? Are there broad themes or specific concerns that reoccur in your writing? Has the nature of your entries changed throughout the semester? What changes do you notice, and how might you account for those changes? What surprised you as you re-read your work? What ideas or threads in your entries do you see as worth revisiting? What else do you notice? What aspects of the writing do you value most, and how does it show up in your entries? Now that the project is over, will you continue to write?

· Keep in mind you are not grading your own work. Instead think of this entry as more of a summary/ analysis of your other entries.


Diary Audit: Expansions (20 points; 10 points per expansion)

Expansions requirements:

· Complete this step after the completing the Diary Audit: Reflection.

· Pick 2 of your entries and EXPAND them to 1,000-1,200 words each.

· You can expand by choosing an entry you were not happy with and revise it upwards,

· You can choose an entry that you have so much more to explain and really delve into more detail about the topic, or

· You can choose an entry that you wrote early on in the semester and re-write it to include information from later on in the semester (e.g., if you wrote an entry on the introduction to family theories, you could integrate other course topics that you believe are connected to your original thoughts, such as what you think about family theories now that we have covered them more in-depth).

· Each expansion must be its own entry; titles of your expansions must be “Diary Audit: Expansion 1 – (Name of original diary entry)” and “Diary Audit: Expansion 2 – (Name of original diary entry)”. For example, Diary Audit: Expansion 1 – Family Theories. If you completed 12 entries and the Diary Audit: Reflection, these will essentially be entries #14, #15.

· To help me easily identify what you have revised, please use track changes in word. If you are starting fresh and creating a brand new entry with no inclusion of text from your previous entry, then please state this in your very first sentence.