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My Baby Sitter’s Mistake















My Baby Sitter’s Mistake

It is not secret that the society in which we live, is made up of different people with different personalities and mindsets. This quality can be a possible reason why the systems and institutions that have been put in place, have failed. An exercise that I carried out revealed that the variety of students that are in schools have different modes of understanding and that this factor has to be included in administering education. Daw Mya Khaing, is a 7 year old student, of Burmese roots. A narration exercise with this young mind revealed that his ability to communicate his thoughts on a past event had developed as shown in the MaCabe flowchart, to a slightly mature level of narration compared to his classmates.

During the session with Daw, he seemed calm. There was no urgency in his wish to narrate why he thought his baby sitter made the mistake. He was, however distracted from time to time, for example, he mistakes the word toy in kitchen. The collection of the different things that were happening around him all this while seemed to slow down his thought process. He seemed to have immersed himself wholly into the occasion and the events of the occasion. His narration showed clear attempts to try and narrate the entire ordeal omnisciently hence the constant inclusions and occasional slip ups in his narration.

The student, a seven year old, in his narration leaped keeps on intrusively making additions and omissions to his story one after the other. The inclusions to the narration bring together different elements that are supposed to provide insight for Daw’s overall purpose. The student introduces different elements of his story successively and consistently throughout the narrative. Daw also omits certain details to his story like suggesting that he pushed the kitchen down instead of the toy. The characteristics of his narrative style can be matched under the Leap-frog narrative (MaCabe, 1994). The playful nature of his narrative style does not seem to interfere with the overall thought that he is out to communicate.

The student showed a great inclination towards being a frog leap narrator. The different character traits that his narration brought forth showed that as compared to his colleagues, that the student had marginally different narrative capabilities. The students on average exhibited a narrative framework with ‘Single Event Narrative’ like characteristics (MaCabe, 1994). This was majorly seen in English Speaking students in the same age bracket. In addition to this student, Erie, was a more mature narrator compared to the other students in his age bracket. The level of detail and simultaneous situations that he was able to capture and process into his narration was impressive. As far as concentration and focus is concerned, the student would score an above average mark. AThe slip ups and omissions show that in narrating his story he failed to gather his ideas towards one overall thought.

The experience had an interesting and informative effect on me. The students that took part in the exercise were diverse both culturally and in their personality. This quality offered me a unique opportunity to take a look at the different narrative frameworks that are exhibited by different children. The exercise was able to provide helpful insight on how the narrative framework affects a child’s capacity to learn in class. This way, education and how it should be effected can be better structured to ensure that the different modes in which children learn can be accommodated. In addition to this the exercise was very enjoyable and fulfilling as the participants were not only warm, but had a lot to offer.




MaCabe, A., & Rollins, P. R. (1994). Assessment in Preschool Narrative Skills.  Pg. 45-55.






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