Buy Custom Written Music Assignment #5

By December 19, 2017Academic Papers

WRITING ideas, below. You may include your own in addition or in substitution. 


What aspects 

particularly stood out about the sound, performances, musical style and ambiance of the performance? 

Any comments about melody, harmony, meter, mood, tempo, expression? How is folk music singing 

and playing passed along from one person to another? Does performing folk/roots music require

virtuoso performance by professionals and can virtuoso performance be an ideal of this music? 

What are some sentiments/subjects of the songs?

Taylor Ackley sings his original folksong Far from Home

with the Stony Brook Roots Ensemble:

Stony Brook Roots Ensemble performs the traditional tune

Ridin’ on that Midnight Train

Taylor Ackley sings his original folksong Birds on a Wire

with the Stony Brook Roots Ensemble:


FYI, the following is not requited. But you may like to hear the music links.

Some styles, instruments, American Folk Music.

American Folk Music

Western swing


Bluegrass music

Dobro,  instrument




Fiddle (violin)

Accordion is used in blues, folk. Creole, Cajun and ethnic music influencing American music styles.



    Cajun music from Louisiana, is sung in Cajun-French language and often includes an accordion.  

Sometimes it blends in western swing style.