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A reflective essay

Dr. Greg Grewell,




Dear Sir,

Review of the English course

Communication, whether written or spoken, is a fundamental aspect of discourse. One of the primary reasons as to why I choose to pursue this course is to improve my communication and research skills. The need for a synthesis of credible and viable research data prompts the learning of these skills. It presents the opportunity to deduce credible evidence logically which can be used in research papers. The course has been of significant help in offering credible knowledge in how the students can find reliable information. By differentiating between the primary, secondary and online sources the course equips students with fundamental skills that are useful for conducting a research. I believe that, as at now, I am able to conduct a study on my own where I will present credible findings on a particular subject matter.

In designing these research, it is imperative to note that having a thesis that one seeks to prove is one of the fundamental necessities of a research paper in the humanities. The use of proper language depending on one’s audience is also crucial in creating feasible studies. Language will often play a large role in determining how the research pan out with both the audience and the participants. The course has also been useful in teaching the essence of citation and some of the rules that are paramount when one is citing academic work in a research. These fundamental skills have been helpful in improving my language and the ability to synthesize information from various sources into one piece of useful data.

Yours Sincerely



Reflective essay

Information and communication are some fundamental tenets under which both social and economic industries have been built. A huge amount of data is passed on a day to day basis making it necessary to learn how this information can be useful. Research has thus become an important aspect that individuals can use to understand specific aspects of social and economic livelihoods. The ability to comprehend and convey data becomes an important skill worth learning. These are some of the benefits accrued from going through the English course during the short period of learning that we underwent.

The basic concern in developing and conducting a survey is the choice of topic that the researchers will explore. It is due to this concern that the need for an original and effective thesis arises. According to Heppner & Heppner, a thesis is an argument or statement that a researcher will bring forward that needs to be maintained or proved. The course asserted that the thesis of a study should be original and complex enough to warrant a research on its own. The thesis may be used to find additional information on a particular topic or to clarify on a particular unknown issue.

The internet houses a wide array of information sources and as a researcher it is worth noting some of the credible sources of data. The ability to locate information was a crucial aspect of the course. Researchers understand that there are some different types of information including primary sources, secondary sources, online and also written sources. These different types of data have their own merits and demerits and it is necessary for those undertaking a research to consider this issue. For example, while secondary sources may provide insight on a particular topic only primary source are able to offer a real picture of the situation. The course has been useful in explaining how we can synthesize different sources of information in a study.

Composing research topics for exploration have been made easier through offering different ways to get information. However, one clear issue that arises when using different sources of information is the need to give credit to the author of the information being cited. The authors of the primary and secondary sources of information will have to be clearly cited in every instance where the researcher uses external information. There are different styles that researchers are expected to use to cite any external information that they offer in a study. According to Currie, the textual borrowing of information by second language students has been regarded as a violation of Western practices. Plagiarizing one’s work is an academic offence and the use of such data on a research study may bring about legal implications. A review of the course highlights the importance of research and offers ways through which students can learn the necessary skills in a study.


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