Buy Custom Written SOWK 544 Assignment 2: Family of Origin Grade Sheet

By January 2, 2019 Academic Papers

­­­Student Name: ___________________________________________________


Genogram:  _______/2


·      Detail three generations

·      Key Included

·      Accurate use of symbols

Section 1: Systematic Analysis of Family of origin ________/12


·      Identification and summarization of 2-4 systems concepts that were key in the family (as listed in the assignment description)


·      Using literature to support ideas, a general description of the themes and how they impact families in both positive (protective ways) and/or negative (destructive) ways.


·      Specific behavioral examples from your family to showcase how systemic issue impacted your family.


·      Use of a minimum of three scholarly citations/references

Section 3: Identifying 1 theme for analysis________/12

·      General description of the theme and how it affects families generally.

·      Using your family, how this theme impacted your family’s dynamic.


Use of 3 scholarly citations is required for this section.

Section 4: Empathy, Countertransference, and Implications for practice  _________/4

·      Description of how the family experience has influenced empathy

·      Countertransference issues the individual may experience based on their family experiences

·      Implication for practice




·      9 page limit

·      6 scholarly works (at least 3 of those must be found in section 3)

·      APA references accurate

·      Writing is clear and without grammar errors


SCORE      /5
The writing quality overall needs work – use USC writing support resources
Some editing is needed throughout
Sentence structure needs work
  The APA heading style is not correct; check your reference source for the correct format; includes “Running head: TITLE IN CAPS” on 1st page on upper left corner; No “Running head:” but just TITLE IN CAPS from page 2 on
More sub-headings are helpful
  More paragraph breaks needed (paragraphs too long)
  Paragraph organization needs improvement with better cohesion within paragraphs
  The flow of content and thinking is hard to follow
The APA citation format:
Too many quotations are included – paraphrase the content instead
With some content, it is not clear if it is paraphrased, quoted but not cited with a quote, or your own thinking
Citations are missing for content that appears to be summarized from the literature
Sources cited in the paper are not in the reference list
Sources on the reference list are not cited in the paper
Sources appear to need an indirect or secondary citation (citing from a source that you are not directly using)
Include only the author(s)’s last name and year date in the citation
Use the “&” symbol between authors’ last names when citing between parentheses
Use quotation marks and page numbers (or paragraph numbers for sources with no page nos.) for quotations
Use of “et al.” is not correct
The APA reference format:
   Information is missing in the references, such as the journal title, volume, issue or page numbers.
  Use the authors’ last names, and initials for first and middle names; use the “&” symbol between the next to last and last authors’ names.
   Article and book titles only use capital letters in the first word, the first word after a colon, and in proper

names; Journal titles use capitals in the title

   Use only the year of publication in the date, unless is it a weekly or monthly media article
   Italicize the journal or book title
   Electronic retrieval info not correct; include the “DOI” number when available
   The title of the reference pages needs to be centered and only say References (no bold)
  Indent the lines AFTER the first line of each reference; double-space.  See APA manual p. 59 for example.



TOTAL SCORE:          /35    



(-1 point will be deducted for each day a paper is late)