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Embry MATH 211 all weeks Assignments
Embry MATH211 Module 3 Assignment 1 latest
Submit your
StatCrunch Assignment 1
by uploading your assignment file that was assigned in Module 2
Your work should demonstrate the results of your random sampling of the data you collected on the
StatCrunch U
Submit your
StatCrunch Assignment 2
by uploading your assignment file
Your work should demonstrate the results and answers for the bootstrapping and randomization assignment
Submit your
StatCrunch Assignment 3
by uploading your assignment file
Your work should demonstrate the results of the population proportions work you did with StatCrunch data
Review the rubric and your project for any final adjustments or edits When you are ready, submit your t-Test Projecthere
It will be screen by Turnitin, an anti-plagiarism tool Turnitin is a cloud software tool that compares your writing with a database of millions of other written works and checks for originality versus plagiarized papers You will be able to view your originality report after you have submitted your work However, you will not be permitted to make any changes to your paper
Important:The project is a course requirement It is wise to complete the project before the Final Exam
After completing the previous activity, you should be ready to complete and submit the t-Test Project Plan form to your instructor To begin the first written part of this project:
  • Choose a research question that can be addressed using a t-test
  • Ensure your research question allows you to collect data to analyze
  • Devise a plan to collect your data
  • Submit a project plan form to the instructor and obtain approval
If you have not already, download the t-Test Project Plan document below You should submit it by the third day of this week
docx” href=”https://erauinstructurecom/courses/36691/files/5978148/download?wrap=1″>t-Test Project PlanError! Hyperlink reference not validinstructurecom/courses/36691/files/5978148/download?wrap=1″ title=”Preview the document”>instructurecom/images/previewpng” alt=”Preview the document”>Error! Hyperlink reference not validinstructurecom/courses/36691/files/5978148/download?wrap=1″ title=”View in a new window”>instructurecom/images/popoutpng” alt=”View in a new window”>
Your instructor will review your plan and indicate if it is accepted by awarding a “Complete” grade Your instructor may also give you feedback at this point
If your plan is rejected you will receive feedback and an “Incomplete” grade Go to Grades to review your instructors response If the proposal is rejected, your instructor will give you the rationale and suggestions so you can revise and resubmit your project plan as quickly as possible
A Type ofstatistical testyou planto conduct(check one, and giverelevantdetails)
  1. a) Targetpopulation:
  2. b) Research variable:
  3. c) Research question:
  4. d) Expectedresult:
¨matched pairst-test
  1. a) Targetpopulation(s):
  2. b) Theresearch variable willbe thedifference
  1. c) Research question:
  2. d) Expectedresult:
  1. a) Targetpopulations(2):
  2. b) Research variable:
  3. c) Research question:
  4. d) Expectedresult:
B Data collection plan(check one,and give relevant details)
¨I will use data from a file Give name of file and details below
¨Iwillobtaindata fromawebsite(s) GiveName of website(s), full URLsand details below
¨Otherdata collection plan:Give specific detailsbelow
Projectplanis:NOTAccepted Accepted Date