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By December 3, 2018Academic Papers

Each student will identify a specific social work field of practice that is of personal interest (for example: school social work, addictions, gerontology, child welfare).

Following the identification of field of practice, student is to research three empirical journal articles related to field of practice. Be sure to cite research in body of paper and on reference page.

The student will then locate a social worker in the particular field of practice that is of interest to the student and will conduct an in-person interview with that individual. That social worker must have either a Bachelor of Social Work or a Master’s of Social Work degree. The student may not interview a faculty member but should interview someone currently working full-time in the field of practice.

Topics to be covered in the interview with the identified social worker should include, but are not limited to:

The social worker’s career path

Education of social worker

Current agency and type of practice in which the social worker is engaged

Specific information about how the social worker participates in continuing education and licensure requirements

Social worker’s concerns about his or her work

Social worker’s highs and lows of working with his or her specific population

Advice the social worker would give to the new professional entering social work

Ethical issues and issues of diversity that the social worker experiences/observes in the agency/practice

The research and the interview is to be incorporated into a 6-8 page APA style paper, exclusive of title, abstract, reference page(s) and any appendices.

Additionally, students are to prepare a brief (5 minutes or less) PowerPoint presentation of findings in chosen field of practice which they will share with the class. ONLY five slides and should include:

Title of paper with student’s name
Research done on chosen field of practice
Name, educational background, and agency of interviewed social worker Review of interview and social worker’s recommendations for practice What student learned from assignment

The PowerPoint presentation is an opportunity to practice professional presentation skills and to share information with classmates about various fields of practice in social work

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