Clinical Significance of Sperm Morphology assessment

By March 12, 2018Academic Papers

Clinical Significance of Sperm Morphology assessment

After a practical laboratory session we were required to write a report. I will attach the POC so you can read it and then write this report based on the knowledge from the lab session and from a literature research you will preform.


You will do a literature search to investigate the current understanding and practice in sperm analysis. Do a literature research on published articles relating to sperm morphology and male infertility.please use key search terms, for instance; “sperm morphology”, “IVF and sperm morphology” etc. When you search for these terms in PubMed /science direct you will get a list of publication titles. You can then select the ones relevant to the topic. You should download the papers and read them – developing a critical view of their findings. This report is proportioned in to: Introduction, Methods / Results, Discussion and Conclusion.



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