Cultural Aspects of Ancient Egypt ANTH 1105 – Ethnology Essay

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ANTH 1105/Essay assignment – Ethnology
Due date: November 13th, at the beginning of class

For this assignment you are required to:
Visit Egyptian Collection at either Brooklyn Museum or Metropolitan Museum of Art
Write a 3-4 page research essay critically evaluating the topic of your visit in reference to one cultural aspect of Ancient Egypt and then compare/contrast it with the same aspect but in the culture of your choice. You can chose any ancient culture or any modern one as long as it is not a Western culture. The topic has to be directly connected with the class discussion.
At the museum
Think about a topic that you would like to discuss in your essay. You can talk about gender, women, art, death, religion, etc. in your essay. You need to have your topic approved by your professor so make sure that you email me. Try to read the book chapter assigned to the topic of your interest or at least have a general idea about it – you can google it. Make sure you only use reputable sources. Note that Wikipedia is not one of them. You will also need to formulate a thesis statement. Remember that a thesis is an interpretation of a question or subject, not the subject itself. Look for the artifacts that will allow you to define your topic. The visit is a visual help for you to define cultural aspects that will interest you the most.
Written assignment: Write 3-4 pages comparing and contrasting the cultural aspect of Ancient Egypt identified at the museum with the same cultural aspect of another culture chosen by you. Include the following:
Introductory paragraph – in this paragraph you will have to provide a general description of the cultural aspect you have chosen. For example, if you are planning to talk about gender make sure that you define gender and how it can be studied from anthropological perspective. Include your clearly defined thesis statement in this paragraph.
Supporting paragraphs – argue how the specific aspect is similar/different in both cultures. You are required to write at least 3 supporting paragraphs.
You need to include at least 5 (five) outside sources to support your thesis and your arguments. They have to reputable – peer reviewed journal articles and/or research based books. You cannot use any of the textbooks or museum websites as your outside sources. If you use museum websites they will not count toward your 5 source requirement. All the sources have to be properly reference in your paper with an additional “work cited” page included (this page does not count toward your 3-4 page requirement).
USE MLA STYLE to reference your sources.
*Make sure you attach your admission receipt. Even if you are not required to pay ask for it. Failure to do so will reduce your essay grade by 20% 


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