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By January 1, 2019 Academic Papers

Premiere Electric Group C/O Dr. Jablonski Dept. of English University of Nevada, Las Vegas 4505 Maryland Parkway, Box 455011 Las Vegas, NV 89154-5011 December 3, 2001 Fe Funtanilla, Bookkeeper and Office Manager Premiere Electric 8447 San Ramon Drive Las Vegas, Nevada 89147 RE: Final Recommendation Report Dear Premiere Electric: Enclosed you will find our analysis on Premiere Electric’s payroll process, beginning on November 5th and ending on the date of December 1st 2001. Our report will give suggestions for the improvement of the payroll process at Premiere Electric based on our findings during the allotted time. During the time spent researching the payroll, we found two key problems: 1) Software. Premiere Electric’s Master Builder software has caused its systems to crash costing it hundreds of dollars in service and maintenance fees. With the introduction of new software, the time spent at the computer and input problems resulting from long hours or system crashes, which would result in more time being spent to re-input the data could be reduced dramatically. A number of the software in our research allows for profiles to made for individual workers in the form of pay codes. These codes allow the computer to produce any needed information on numerous subjects at once within a few minutes, instead of reviewing each person(s) file individually. In addition the codes make payroll simplified so that only minor changes are needed, and not full write ups involving the entire time card. 2) Time Cards. Premiere Electric’s time cards are printed up weekly or biweekly as needed and require the worker fill out a complete form. This is both time consuming on the payroll personal and workers, and is a waste of resources. So we suggest that Premiere Electric adopt a new time card, either the scan card version or e-mail version, both of which are cost effective in the long run saving paper and time. Once a format or template is introduced, the new time card will allow for faster processing with only minor alterations needed from time to time. The added bonus of simplicity will save time, and the problem of illegibility will be eliminated from the process.