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2nd Progress Report & Presentation

  • Revised literature review, detail research method and preliminary findings
  • The 2nd Progress Report should be submitted to supervisor on or before 22nd November, 2014;
  • The 2nd Progress Presentation will be held in the morning of 22nd November, 2014;
  • The 2nd progress report should mainly focus on completeness of the literature review and a detail research design along with preliminary results from pilot tests or data collection;
  • It is expected that literature review should be completed towards the final project;
  • It is suggested that the progress report should contain at least 50 academic references and covers about 10000 – 12000 words;
  • The report should be formatted to a dissertation style.
  • Feedbacks from the panel supervisors will be given during the presentation;
  • Supervisor will provide short written comments within 2 weeks after the progress presentation (on or before 6th December, 2014);
  • Students with unsatisfactory performance on 2nd Progress will be requested to apply for an extension of the project submission to a later period.


  • Literature review
    • Inclusion of factual or non-academic material
    • Too focus on single theory or literature
    • No comparison between theories
    • No theoretical framework provided
    • Poor integration of concepts towards research objectives
    • Outdated literature


  • Research Design
    • Research method not provided
    • No justifications on research design
    • No research instrument provided
    • Research instrument does not reflect concepts or variables from literature review
    • Sample definition and sampling consideration unclear


  • Theoretical Framework
    • Does the literature review cover sufficient theories from different perspectives of the research problem?
    • Is there any specific theoretical framework highlight relevant variables from the literature review?
    • Are the variables appropriate and related to the industry under investigation?
  • Research Design
    • What design is adopted and does it relate to the research objectives?
    • Is the design used appropriately to answer the research question?
    • Does the research design try to control any risks that may affect the validity and reliability of the design?


  • Sampling Techniques
    • Is the sample size sufficient enough to provide a valid and reliable result?
    • Is the sample similar to the members of the overall appropriate population?
    • Are there any clear and appropriate criteria for choosing and screening out the people or units from the sample?
  • Data collection
    • Are the ways for collecting data described sufficiently?
    • Does the research instrument fully reflect variables and concepts from the literature review and theoretical framework?
    • Are data collection methods used appropriate?


  • Data Analysis
    • Is there any procedure in analyzing the collected data?
    • Are the procedures being used appropriately to provide answers for the research questions?
  • Ethical Issues
    • Is there any human right or privacy issue involved in the research design and are those information well protected?
    • Would the sample subjects feel pressured to participate in the research?
    • Would the response from the subjects be affected in some other way?


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