Deviant Behaviour Research Paper

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Assignment Type
Term Paper
Course Name
Assignment Subject
3 news paper articles assignment
Specific Topic Description
1- Moral Panic , 2 – Labeling theory with symbolic Interactionism , 3- anomie with structural functionalism
Special Instructions
My 3 concepts are – 1- Moral Panic , 2 – Labeling theory with symbolic Interactionism , 3- anomie with structural functionalism
Scan the newspapers (or web-based news sources) for stories that you feel relate to the theories (and concepts within those theories) that we are discussing in class. Once you have 3 major news stories, each one illustrating a different theory, you are ready to start. Your articles must be dated January 2016 or later. Make sure that your concepts are linked with the appropriate theory (e.g. concept of anomie with Structural Functionalism, labeling theory with Symbolic Interactionism). Your goal in this assignment is, in part, to demonstrate the breadth of your understanding of the sociological theories and concepts we are covering.
Limiting yourself to approx. 1.5 – 2 pages for each story (max. total of 6 pages, not including the appendix), discuss how the news story illustrates the theories and concepts in question. Though any number of theories and concepts could conceivably apply to any news story, you are to use the most appropriate theory and concept per story. Try to select the theory and concept that you think fits the story best. Use the theories as the titles for your report. Centre and underline the theory at the top of your page. Then proceed with your discussion.
As for your discussion, though you will want to provide a brief summary of your article and a clear definition for the theory and concept you believe it illustrates, be careful not to spend all your time doing simply this. The focus of your discussion should be on the connections between the story and the theory and concept. Also, be clear in explaining exactly where you see the connections.
The assignments will be marked according to the following criteria:
1. Are the links between the theory and concept and the news story clear?
2. Is there an accurate understanding of the theory & concept displayed?
3. Has the news story been accurately read and summarized?
4. Are the connections well-established and well-argued?
5. Have all of the instructions regarding presentation been observed?