E. coli contamination Research Paper Outline

By February 22, 2019Academic Papers
Title of the paper: E. coli contamination
Please include outline and an abstract.
The research paper has to be at least 8 pages long not including the title, abstract or references.
Number of the references four or more .
Detailed rubric for Grading Term Paper
A clear specific research objective is stated. The introduction and title should be indicated that the paper will summarize current knowledge and research on a specific topic
The objective in the introduction should accurately reflect the type of data that will be examined later in the paper
The introduction should indicate why the research topic or problem is currently important
Comparative reviews of recent studies
Number of cited sources:
Four or more sources
Recentness of sources:
Most of the sources, but at least 5, are recent
Selective use of primary source:
At least three primary sources that address the same research topic
Organization and coherence of the review:
Review the accuracy synthesizes and compared the most important information of the selected studies that are relevant to the objective of the student’s paper. The paper is clear with little or no extraneous information.
Critical evaluation of the cited research:
Most of the obvious strengths or deficiencies of the cited studies are indicated, and a creative effort has been made to consider what additional variable might have been usefully investigated.
Principal findings are clearly stated (conclusions about the current state of knowledge on the topic as revealed by the review) and clearly linked to the original research questions(s) addressed in the introduction, and supported convincingly by analysis of the cited articles in the previous section
An effort was made to suggest specific questions needing additional study of specific additional research that is needed
General style requirements
Writing is generally clear and logically organized
Writing is generally concise
Avoidance of errors in grammar, punctuation, and spelling
Note: one to three points may be deducted for stylistic errors not mentioned above, such ad improper use of scientific names, math errors, etc. the number of points deducted will depend of the severity of the error
Sources cited in the text with proper APA style
All sources cited in the text are listed in a bibliography section; sources what were not specifically cited in the text are no listed
Sources in the bibliography section are listed alphabetically by the last name f the first author, according to proper APA style

The paper will be checked by turnitin. Plagiarism report. 

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