ECOP 2619 Assessment: Long Essay

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ECOP 2619 Assessment: Long Essay 35%

Students are required to complete a 1500 word essay. The essay is due by midnight on

Wednesday May 16th.

Written assessments must be submitted online through Black Board. Online submission of assignments must include the completion of an online compliance statement.

Essays and assignments not submitted on or before the due date are subject to a late mark penalty of 5% per day, as per the Faculty Policy on Late Work. Please refer to

Essay Questions:

  1. In 2016 The World bank disbanded the categories of ‘developed’ and ‘developing countries’ see developing-world Do you think this change in how data is reported will improve how we think about and practice ‘development’?

  2. Is a manufacturing sector essential for inclusive development? Your analysis should include evidence from at least two countries.

  3. Temporary labour migration to Australia and New Zealand is emerging as a key strategy to address the development challenges faced by Pacific Island states. Will this approach deliver regional development and well-being?

  4. Is there a role for development aid in the 21st century?

A good answer to each of these questions will include: (1) a critical analysis of the relevant literature and key debates and, (2) empirical evidence to substantiate your argument.

A high standard of work is expected, including careful proof reading and meticulous attention to citation/referencing see reference style guide below. You are expected to read widely, and make a clear, well-substantiated, and succinct argument. You will need to start planning and drafting your essay many weeks before it is due in order to give yourself the opportunity to develop your ideas as fully as possible. Use your reading kit and the list of development journals and web sites listed at the end of this document as a starting point for your research.

Students are strongly advised to self-assess the development of their essay against the marking criteria listed below. Self-assessment will assist you in editing your work for structure, meaning and accuracy and will help you produce a better final product.

All written work must be formatted with numbered pages, 1.5 spacing, a decent margin and sections headings where appropriate.

Assessment Criteria for your research essay.

Your research essay will be assessed according to the following criteria:

  •   Evidence of careful, and wide-ranging and critical reading

  •   Presentation of a clear and well developed theoretical/conceptual argument that

    responds to the essay question.

  •   Critical use of empirical and theoretical detail to substantiate the argument

  •   A logical, coherent and clear essay structure.

  •   Succinct and clear written expression

  •   Attention to detail in citation and references.

Referencing Style Guide

In-text citation: Journal article
Book one author Book, multiple authors Chapter in edited book Web site

(Diehm & Armatas, 2004)
(Handy, 1993)
(Howitt et al., 1992)
(Iso-Ahola & Mannell, 1985) (Motorcycling South Australia, 2003)

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taking, satisfying needs for sensation seeking and experience seeking.

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