Enhancing health and social care through inter professional education

By November 29, 2018Academic Papers

This essay/report will be based on critical incident analysis from practice relating to interprofessional working.
Module Aim(s) and Learning Outcomes
3a. Module aims

The aims of this module are to enable students to:
Further develop skills for inter-professional and collaborative working so that they may contribute positively to the provision of patient/service-user-centred health and social care.

3b. Learning Outcomes: Knowledge and Understanding
Successful students will typically be able to:
1) Analyse inter-professional and collaborative working strategies that may be used to overcome boundaries between professions;
2) Evaluate service delivery in relation to their professional role;
3) Apply and evaluate the extent to which their specialist knowledge contributes to patient/service-user experience.

3c. Learning Outcomes: Skills and Attributes
Successful students will typically be able to:
4) Demonstrate the skills of autonomy and be able to interact effectively in inter-professional discussion.

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