Final Assignment – Simulated Case Conference “Wiki” SOCW 469

By April 15, 2018Academic Papers

Final Assignment – Simulated Case Conference “Wiki” SOCW 469
Winter 2018

The final assignment in the course is comprised of a series of individual and small group activities organized around a simulated Case Conference using a Wiki. Case conferences between service professionals are common in most practice settings as they allow for collaboration and consultation among and between various service providers and service users.

A Wiki is a web site that lets any visitor to the site become a participant: you can create or edit the actual site contents without any special technical knowledge or tools. All you need is a computer with an Internet connection. A Wiki is continuously “under revision.” It is a living collaboration that is intended to foster a collaborative sharing process and the creation of a given product. One famous example is Wiki-pedia, an online encyclopedia with no “authors” but millions of contributors and editors. The word “Wiki” comes from Hawaiian language, meaning “quick” or “fast.”

Working within your assigned groups, you will conduct a simulated virtual case conference over the final weeks of the course. Each group has now been given access to their Wiki forum. However, despite being given access to view the specifics of this assignment and given the time and space to consider what is expected, please DO NOT begin contributing/working within your Wiki until the start of Unit 8. Your Wiki forum currently: contains a practice situation; informs you of your “practical role” within the conference; provides you with space for group organization/personal notes; gives you a “”service delivery plan” template; and contains a final page to reference all sources utilized. Please note: Those who have been assigned the role of “Community Advocate” must choose a community organization or advocacy role, which they will represent within the conference. This Community Advocate could, for example, be a representative from the Together Against Poverty Society (TAPS) or the Victoria Disability Resource Centre. This Community Advocate is registered through the British Columbia College of Social Workers and should aim to support the service user, advocate for her needs, assist with the Persons with Disabilities (PWD) application, help to explore housing options, etc.

Between March 19th (but NOT BEFORE) to April 6th, you must engage in the simulated case conference by researching your role, contemplating your practice environment/policies, and collaborating with your group to complete the Wiki-based case planning exercise.

March 19th to March 29th (Unit 8) will be dedicated solely to engaging in the Wiki case conference. During this time, you should familiarize yourself with the Wiki forum and the service delivery plan template. You should also review the practice situation and research your given professional role to allow you to have as much information as possible before you start to collaborate with your group. You should then begin your collaborations. While there is no formal discussion within the time frame dedicated to Unit 8, use this time wisely as you are required to

be a creative and active participant within your group’s Wiki. Please note: while you have been given a practice scenario that provides you with details about the service user in question, your group does have creative licence to add minor additional details as needed. You could for example, decide that the service user is Indigenous or LGBTQ+. She could also have recently reestablished contact with her biological Mother or be frequently fighting with her foster siblings. Be creative BUT it is important to keep your scenario as realistic as possible.

There are two parts to this assignment. More specifically, your participation within and contributions to your group’s Wiki will be consistently monitored and comprise 10% of your grade for this course. The remaining 20% of the grade associated with the case conference will be earned through completing a synthesis of your Wiki-based learning after your group finishes the service delivery plan. Your group must finish the service delivery plan no later than April 6th at 11:55 pm (Pacific time) and your corresponding learning synthesis must be completed no later than April 11th at 11:55 pm (Pacific time).

Evaluation criteria for the 10% Wiki participation mark:

  • Frequency of participation

  • Ability to collaborate effectively with others

  • Breadth and depth of contributions

  • Organization of ideas

  • Meaningful integration of course resources

  • Quality of written expression – spelling, grammar, and APA


    You must then prepare a 3-4 page (approximately 800 words – 900 words but no more than 1000 words) synthesis in which you reflect on the research for and completion of your group’s care plan. Your synthesis should also include reflections on: how you made sense of the course materials in relation to your given role and the creation of your group’s service delivery plan; your learning within this practice simulation; and how you might implement your learning within the (hopefully evolving) framework of ideas that you will (or do) draw on in practice. This synthesis will comprise 20% of your final grade for this course.

    Evaluation criteria for the individual synthesis of learning (20%)

    • Breadth and depth of analysis

    • Organization of ideas

    • Meaningful integration of at least three (3) course resources

    • Quality of written expression – spelling, grammar, and APA


      Frequently asked questions:
      How do I start researching the scope and nature of my role?
      I suggest that you all begin this exploration by reviewing your organization’s/agency’s

websites. These websites will provide you with information about your role and your organization’s/agency’s mandate and/or vision. You could also search for your organization’s/agency’s brochures, media releases, and information fact sheets. Some of these sources will link you to additional content that will be useful.

While you have been given individual roles and you are each expected to contribute to your group’s Wiki, please remember that this assignment is designed to be collaborative. As such, if you are struggling to find information that you require about your organization/agency or your role, ask your group members for assistance. Many of the organizations and agencies involved overlap in a variety of ways; therefore, other members will likely come across information that will be useful to you and vice-versa. I am also here to assist as needed.

What is the best way to keep our Wiki organized?

Each group member has been given a colour on the first page of your Wiki. Please make sure to use “your colour” when communicating with your group within the Wiki and completing aspects of the service delivery plan. Your final service delivery plan should, therefore, be a multi-coloured collaboration. While your final service delivery plan should be multi-coloured (to indicate your individual contributions), it should be one cohesive document otherwise. More specifically, the questions should be answered in full sentences and your responses should have a progressive flow of ideas and be free of errors.

Can I add additional sections/pages to our Wiki forum?
You can absolutely make new sections in the Wiki to better facilitate completion and your own thought-processes. You can also use the “general conference communication page” to interact and plan with your group.

Can my group use another electronic medium (i.e. Google Docs or Dropbox) to complete our service delivery plan?

No, all group collaborations (including organization and the completion of your service delivery plan) must be completed within the Wiki on the SOCW 469 course site. If your group does not collaborate on the Wiki, members’ participation cannot be graded.

How should we be using references within our service delivery plan?

The expectation is that you use an intext citation within your service delivery plan whenever you are “borrowing” information from a source. Intext citations would not traditionally be used in a service delivery plan but we must follow academic conventions here given that this plan is being completed as part of a course assignment at the forth year level.



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